How to make money using the app tool

Although this tool introduced the modifications you will receive a few days ago, it is now fully committed to the new system that is available in the beta version of Business for iOS devices.

The function works in a similar way to Stories instagramthat have ads. In this way, users will be able to share their stories about The WhatsApp on other social networks to reach more people and establish a faster connection with the company.

How does Boost WhatsApp Business Status work?

  • The first step to follow would be to download the WhatsApp Business beta.
  • Go to the tab “stateand tap on the option to create one.
  • Once the status is posted, you will have to go to the Views section and select “strengthen the situation“.
  • Then you have to chooseConnect on FacebookTo access more tools to personalize your ads.

How does Traitor Mode work in WhatsApp?

With the aim of hiding part of the files and conversations that you have in the messaging service, this function is based on a simple procedure.

The goal is creation A copy of the application on our cell phone and allow the use of the same font. Although it sounds complicated, it can be done on both Android and iOS devices in just five simple steps:

  • Log in to “Advanced Optionsin configuring or setting up a cellular phone.
  • Click on the optionDual appsor Dual Messenger.
  • Find WhatsApp in the list of files Click on it.
  • Having been chosen, he is already He will have two accounts WhatsApp on the device.
  • In the new version, it is advisable to register as New user.
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