How to get back in shape after a pandemic الج

The pandemic COVID-19 has cast a shadow over all of us, mentally and physically. In fact, it was before and after our history as human beings.

The physical condition of the vast majority of people has deteriorated due to inactivity. If you’re one of them, we’ll show you some tips to get back the physical shape you lost after the pandemic.

Try to start with small goals

Setting a big goal can lead to failure, as it takes longer to achieve. But Starting with small goals is key to improving motivation and achieving the end goal الهدف.

In addition, if you start doing very intense exercise, the next day you will likely feel unable to return to training, due to muscle fatigue and muscle fatigue. shoelaces.

promise everything

Create a routine with fixed schedules, It will help automate a habit lost during the pandemic. In addition, it will help you achieve those small goals that we set ourselves to reach the ultimate goal.

Moreover, when we set a deadline, our brain imagines it as something different, because meeting it increases feelings of complacency. This increases the Stimulus It forces us to work even harder to reach the goal on that particular date.


Warm up before training

Since you have not trained for a long time, a warm-up should be a must, because your muscles have not received any stimulation for a long time, thus It will reduce the possibility of injury and help reduce pain the next day.

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That’s why we recommend that you include five to ten minutes heatingEspecially the parts you will be training.


Start from scratch, not where you left off

Because of the epidemic, you no longer have that physical form or Endurance which you have done previously, therefore, it is not recommended that you do the same training routine that you were doing before the pandemic.

We advise you to adapt the exercises to your current physical form, therefore, It would be better to start with functional physical exercises, thus respecting the natural movements of the body.

These simple movements will reduce the incidence of infection They will help your muscles adapt to a type of load that is no longer used.

on the other side, The loads you will use should be smaller and more controlledTo avoid muscle fatigue in the first exercise.

Playing sports

Try to move even if you’re not in the gym

Go for a walk while listening to your favorite podcast, park a little further away and walk or walk to public transportation They are excellent strategies for increasing the number of steps we take daily.

In fact, we are unaware of the number of opportunities we have to take advantage of walking and movement, and instead are looking for more comfortable alternatives that encourage sedentary lifestyle.

If you include these strategies in your day in and day out, and combine them with your training, It will make a huge difference to your lifestyle and your mental and physical health.

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