How to find out the last location of your Android phone or iPhone if it was stolen, even if it was turned off

Find your iPhone or Android even if it is turned off. (Photo: Comology)

It is not new to say that mobile phones Android also Iphone They have their own Applications and tools that allow users to know the exact location of their files smart phones In the event that they were exposed to the trip or because they missed it.

The problem is These methods do not work when a person finds that the computer decides to turn it off. Is there a way to locate? Infobae brings the solution.

How to locate Android using an app

There is a method that allows to know the last position of the mobile phone, before the thief (or the person concerned) turns it off. For this, you need to install an app called “Where’s My Droid” Available in Google Play Store. Now you have to follow these steps:

1. When you install the app on Android, you need to register the phone number.

2. Next, you have to fill out a form and add your name, email, cell phone name and password. You also need to enable the option negative site which will be disabled by default.

With this function, The site will be registered automatically, without doing anything. And that will be all. It is important to note that “Where’s My Droid” It has other very useful functions, the problem is that Most of it is paid.

Where is my android device?  (Photo: GooglePlay)
Where is my android device? (Photo: GooglePlay)

Now, how do you find a lost cell phone? You have to follow these steps:

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1. If you lost your phone and want to know its last location, You have to enter Official Website From “Where’s My Droid”.

2. Now, log in with the email and password that was used when registering.

3. Once you have entered the account, press the button ‘to locate’ And you can find out the last location of the cell phone.

(Photo: Where's my droid)
(Photo: Where’s my droid)

How to locate iPhone on the map from another Apple device

If you have another Apple device at home, it is easier to find your lost iPhone. All it takes Another iPhone IPADAnd Mac or even Apple Watch regarding Internet:

Thanks to the company’s ecosystem, the Find My app is installed by default on all Apple devices. This way you can access it and see the location of the devices in real time; Beside Adjust lost mode, play sound and many other options. This is how:

1. Enter the application Find On your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.

2. Apple must be signed in if the device is associated with an account. If you do this from someone else’s phone, you must sign in with your Apple ID.

3. In the section Hardware You will be able to see a list of all those associated with your account. Now you have to find your iPhone here.

4. Touch on it.

5. Now, I know You can see the location in real time. If this is not accessible, the last known location can be seen.

Find iPhone from another Apple device.  (Photo: iSenaCode)
Find iPhone from another Apple device. (Photo: iSenaCode)

How to locate iPhone on the map from iCloud

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If you don’t have an Apple device, you can still find your lost iPhone easily. This option can be accessed from File the computer or device Android. Just follow this procedure:

– Log in to

Here, you will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID.

– Once in, you must enter the section research Among the list of icons.

– You should be able to see all devices associated with the account. Among them is the iPhone. In the event that iCloud cannot display the current location of the station, the last known location will overwrite it.

iCloud.  (Photo: K-tuin)
iCloud. (Photo: K-tuin)

It is now possible to search for iPhone without battery

with arrival iOS 14Apple introduced the situation power reserve on the iPhone. However, with iOS 15.2, it allowed Easily locate the device even when it is turned off or unloaded.

But, There will be a five hour limit to search the downloaded device. When this time window expires, the device will report its last known location, so Your location will no longer appear in real time.

iPhone iOS 15.2.  (Photo: Macworld)
iPhone iOS 15.2. (Photo: Macworld)

If you want to know if your device supports power reserve, simply:

1. Unlock iPhone

2. Press and hold the power button until the slider indicator appears. Here it should beThe iPhone can be located even after a power outage“.

If this text appears, A mobile phone will have this function; Of course, The site must be enabled. This feature is automatically enabled when you update to iOS 15.2 or later, so if it doesn’t show up, your mobile device has an older or incompatible version.

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