How to download Windows 11 23H2 update now

Windows 11 version 23H2 arrives today, which will include AI improvements, as well as native support for Zip and many other features. What can you do if it still doesn’t appear on your computer?

If you are a technology enthusiast and keep track of the latest software updates, you are probably already thinking about it How to get the latest version of Microsoft Windows 11 23H2. But is it really possible to force this long-awaited update?

Today, September 26, the Microsoft update will begin to be available. But, if it doesn’t appear right away, don’t worry. Sometimes these processes are performed in a staggered manner to ensure a smooth transition. If it doesn’t appear on your computer, and you can’t wait to use Windows Copilot, there are ways to try to get Windows 11 23H2.

The main option for Access to update Subordinate Microsoft Artificial IntelligenceR This is done through the Windows Update section in Settings. But I collected several tricks WindowsCentral we It can allow you to update through the Installation Wizard or use an ISO file, in case it doesn’t appear soon.

First of all, the strategy would be to activate the option: “Get the latest updates as they become available” In the composition Windows Update And use the function: “Check for updates” Hopefully moving forward. This step, although it does not guarantee a speedy download, does put you on the priority list to receive it.

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Now, if you are one of those who are not afraid to get into somewhat more technical processes, then… Installation wizard He can be your ally. Although this is designed for cases where Windows Update gets stuck, in reality any user can benefit from it.

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All you have to do is wait for 23H2 to be officially releasedvisits Location of the Windows Setup Wizard And click the “Download Now” button. Run the tool and follow the prompts.

Use the ISO file to update to Windows 11 23H2

Another way? ISO file. This option requires installing the ISO file in File Explorer, an experience reminiscent of using a USB flash drive. If you go this route, download the file from the Microsoft support site as soon as it is available.

No matter which method you chooseDon’t forget to make a backup copy. These updates result in a complete installation and it is always best to be prepared in case unexpected events occur.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize a point that may cause confusion: After the update, your system will show version 22H2. Don’t be worried. Although the September update brings some new features from 23H2, it does not immediately change the version number. This will only happen with the package that Microsoft will release before the end of 2023, when all the features are available.

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