How to cool drinks in the shortest possible time according to science (not in the freezer)

As much as they tell us that It is more effective to drink something warm NS beat the heatThere is nothing like a refreshing drink at high temperatures. Staying hydrated is essential And getting a good dose of cold water, lemonade, or the occasional soda fresh from the fridge also feels great. But what if we forgot to replenish our stock of cold drinks?

The freezer and ice cubes seem to be the most obvious solution, but it is not the only or the most effective solution. The ice will also dilute our drink before it gets cold, but it can be very useful using another much faster technique. There is a surefire method Cool drinks quicklyIt is not necessary to use the freezer and has a scientific explanation as well.

Water, Ice… And Salt

It is one of the oldest methods that have been used to cool drinks, and is very useful when freezers and refrigerators are not present or inaccessible. Nowadays, it is very common to serve model bottles and small bottles in celebrations In tubs or buckets filled with ice, which is also very flashy.

The lower temperatures of cold water and ice pass into drinks more quickly than they do in a home freezer, where they are cooled by air. But if we also add water and salt, the cooling capacity of this system doubles.

You will need:

  • A large, sturdy bowl, preferably made of thick material.
  • ice.
  • Water.
  • salt

Fill your chosen container with ice and pour it plentiful water To cover it and let the drinks enter without excess.

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Add 2 tablespoons of salt and stir everything gently, preferably with a wooden spoon. Then put the drinks inside and stir again. Wait 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionallyAnd check the temperature.


Drinks should be as cold as fresh from the fridge, but in much less time. Why does this phenomenon occur? It’s all about chemistry.

The sodium and chlorine ions in salt lower the freezing point of water well below 0°C. And when the salt is dissolved in water, an endothermic reaction is produced to absorb the energy in the form of heat, enhanced by the motion that we produce when the content is shaken. In other words, The heat of the soft drink is absorbed, and passes more quickly the cold of the ice to drink.

Drinks 2

If you are going to organize a barbecue these days, have a meal on the balcony or simply, You ran out of space in the fridge to cool your drinksTry to put this trick into practice. In addition to criticism, it’s a great way to entertain guests with a little science, and it can be a fun curiosity for kids.

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