How to configure Google Passkeys

Google has just integrated its passkeys into its account system. This means, at least for your Google account, that you no longer have to memorize boring combinations of letters and numbers, Or having to enter more tedious double verification codes. The best of both worlds.

What are passkeys?

It’s basically the way big tech industries want to replace old passwords. passkey or access key A private encryption key that is closely associated with a device and a key that is sent to your Google Account. Instead of typing in a password, Google sends a notification to your phone, and you can allow account access using your phone’s PIN, your face (via facial recognition), or your fingerprint. What you actually use, in short, to unlock your mobile phone.

The advantage of using passkeys instead of keys is that they are impossible to hack unless the attacker has physical access to your device. The weakest point is the PIN that you use as a backup for your face or your fingerprints. This also highlights the importance of having a secure PIN that only you know (be sure to share it with the little ones in the house). Even better if it’s six digits instead of four. Even then, it’s still a better and more convenient system than the old passwords.

In the future, Google plans to disable passwords when access keys are enabled, but for now both systems work, using the traditional Google account password as a passkey backup.

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How to activate passkeys in your Google account

It doesn’t have much mystery. You just have to get in Passkey website from your Google account. Passkeys are device bound, so avoid configuring them from devices that are not yours alone (and even less from public computers). To be able to configure it, you need iOS 16 or Mac OS Ventura on Apple devices, Windows 10 or higher on PC and Android 9 or higher. What can be done is to configure the passkey from your mobile phone and then use the phone to access the computer.

on the home pages Access (You must be signed in with your Google account) Click Create New Access Key And follow the steps. It may happen that he only offers you a choice Complete. This is because you already created an access key earlier, possibly when you configured your new Android phone. Android devices automatically generate access keys on initial setup. Once created, passkeys can be managedcrs from This page.

If you’re an Apple user, Google Passkeys are especially useful because once you create them on your iPhone and save them to iCloud, you can use them to access your Google Account on all of the company’s other devices (Mac, other iPhones, or iPads). ).

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