How to change your catalog on Netflix thanks to a VPN

Friday October 1, 2021


If you are fed up of Netflix shows in the country you are in, there is a way to trick Netflix into thinking you are in a different country than your own. But officially, you can’t change your region on Netflix unless you actually move, but you can fix that with a VPN, which is short for Virtual Private Network.

The content available on Netflix varies by region, so, for example, what is offered on Netflix in the US is different than what is offered on Netflix UK. Does this depend on My IP address? Well, yes, exactly.

Your new IP address

Using a VPN will trick Netflix into thinking you are in a different country and will be able to access content from that country. A VPN is a virtual private network that routes your internet activity through private VPN servers, so your IP address will be the country of your choice.

How to change the Netflix region

First of all, you need to make sure that you have an active Netflix account. Also decide if you want to pay for a VPN or use a free Netflix VPN.
Both work, but paid VPNs tend to be faster and available in more locations. Free VPNs often don’t require you to sign up.

Once you have chosen one or the other, subscribe to one and download it for both your computer and your mobile device. Open the VPN and choose the region you want.

On iOS, for example, you open the VPN and select the server you want, so you’re able to automatically connect to the best server. Although you will not be able to do it manually.

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It will be from the moment you see a green dot when it tells you that you are connected to a VPN. To be sure, open Netflix and you can already check out the catalog.

Netflix Low Sapp

Be aware that Netflix will try to block VPNs by blocking your IP address, so you may encounter some difficulties. Therefore, it is recommended to use some free VPNs, which have a trial period, to ensure that they work.

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