How to change the font in your WhatsApp messages

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Some applications such as MSN Messenger have allowed you to choose a custom font for messages, visible to everyone in the conversation. Currently, many users want to give their own touch to their messages from the WhatsApp instant messaging service; However, the Meta app does not work in the same way as MSN, although there are some ways to simulate certain effects and patterns in scripts.

Although many custom keyboard apps can change the typing of your messages and prompts, they do not have the ability to mirror in the other person’s chat. For this to happen, users must follow one of the following methods.

using the web page

For users who only need to change their font intermittently without having to install anything new, it is recommended to use the online text generator page whose steps are simple. You only need to enter and write the desired text and the page will automatically convert the message into different styles, so it remains only to copy one of the fonts to the clipboard and paste it into the WhatsApp chat.

Although there are a variety of sites on the Internet that perform this function, the recommended option is “Unicode Text Converter”, which is well suited for mobile devices. In it, as described above, it is only necessary to enter the text and then copy one of the presented options.

Use the keyboard app

As mentioned above, the format that WhatsApp allows is minimal, for users who are looking for unique and eccentric text types will have to resort to UNICODE characters to simulate more diverse fonts. Fortunately, there are some keyboard apps that support the use of these special symbols, one of them is Fonts, which works similar to Gboard (Google keyboard) but has a top bar where you can choose a wide variety of styles.

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The platform is available on the Google Play Store and stands out because it can be used in any application that supports text, that is, the character chosen by users will be visible on all social networks.

Use private WhatsApp formats

Without installing anything, the instant messaging app includes a series of shortcuts to slightly alter sent texts, allowing you to type text or parts of a message in bold, italic, strikethrough, or monospace.

Italic: to write text in . format Diagonal, put an underscore before and after the text: _text_

bold: to write text wide line, put an asterisk before and after the text: *text*

Strikethrough: To type text in this style, place a check mark before and after the text: ~text ~

Monospace: To type monospaced text, put three back quotes before and after the text: “text”

It is worth noting that these text options cannot be deactivated and each time you type them as indicated in the instructions, they will be applied, in addition, there are some in-app shortcuts for accessing styles.

On Android, just hold down on the text you will be sending, and a menu will be displayed where you can choose the type of style you want (bold, italic) or you can click the See More button (the three consecutive vertical dots) to choose a strikethrough or mono style distance.

On the iPhone, the procedure is somewhat similar. You have to press and hold the message in the text box and select all or part of the text, then click on “B_I_U” and finally choose one of the mentioned styles.

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