How NVIDIA tricked us with a clever deep fake from its CEO that no one has noticed yet

When Nvidia introduced last April His vision of the “universal world”, from the hand of his CEO Jensen Huang, Est It has been replaced by a virtual simulation or deepfake for a few seconds NS No one noticed.

Nvidia just made this ‘trick’ public and To explain how to make it so realistic. It should be noted that what this company calls Omniverse is what others call, Like Facebook, select the metaverse.

This simulation was 14 seconds out of approximately two hours of talk given by the actual CEO, and The company just explained how it got its result. It was a practical way to show their capabilities in that future vision that the company proposes and in which they operate, which The real and the virtual will be more united than ever before Before.

How was the default Huang created

Huang deepfake

Nvidia has worked in recent years in artificial intelligence techniques Deep learning in various fields. In the company Generators can create a face, something that was already introduced in 2018 and applied to a “pattern-based” constructor for Combine all kinds of features and make faces Which is no different from what we see in the real photos.

Latest brand new systems in this field It’s your nvidia canvas, an application that can turn any sketch into a very realistic picture, even if you have little technical skills. This tool can convert your doodles and drawings into files Realistic landscape photos in real time thanks to AI.

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nvidia It has now been shown with an explanatory video How, with these advanced technologies in hand, you were able to fool your audience with a virtual CEO. The computer generated images were overlapping with the real ones. ‘checked’ The CEO’s face and body to create a 3D model, then an AI was trained to mimic his movements expressions and then some AI magic was applied to make this reproduction realistic,” said the brand’s engineers responsible for the feat.

Huang Nvidia

They also digitized Huang with a battery of DSLR cameras, as well as the CEO, Engineers and creators from NVIDIA built a replica of your kitchen. The result was so good that it was still hard to know for certain when the hypothetical Huang spoke to us. It could be the part where his kitchen is “disassembled” to create a virtual stage in which Jensen Huang introduces a new supercomputer.

2021 is the year of the amazing deepfake


this year It leaves us with amazing results with deepfake techniques. This technology He revived the icon and the late Lola Flores in a Cruzcampo beer ad. for this part, TikTokdeeptomcruise account Who added tens of thousands of followers in a few days seems to be the actor himself and nothing more than a user who, thanks to technology, managed to be a match for Cruise.

At the user level we have all available MyHeritage app that allows you to animate people’s faces Turn old photos into a kind of deep fake video where the person in the photo is moving. With this technology, our missing (and at least actually revived) family members can look to the side and tilt their head or smile, among other things.

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