How not to appear on the Internet from the computer

Among the latest updates implemented by WhatsApp we have the ability to speed up audios in “Multi-device mode” and most recently activate photo and video messages so that they are only seen once.

So far, we’ve learned about the possibility of using a file paint tool and be able to get it Screenshot from the web version. Although it does not have as many tools as using instant messaging system from mobile phone, WhatsApp Web is getting better day by day.

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In order not to appear online while browsing WhatsApp Web, you will have to download an extension and work from incognito mode. In case you want to give it a try, you should follow these steps:

How to remove “Internet” in WhatsApp Web?

  1. To open Google Chrome Or set it as your main browser.
  2. download WAIncognito(This extension will allow you to access WhatsApp Web, from the browser, in incognito mode) and scan qr code.
  3. Then you will see a function to use WhatsApp Web in a new way.
  4. Activate “hidden mode” In this way “The last time” It will not appear again. You will be able to continue chatting normally with your friends without having to appear “online” on the PC.

It should be noted that this trick only works using WhatsApp Web from a browser, This means that if you are using the original Windows 10 app, it may not work.

It is also important to note that this extension for Chrome is 100% secure and only aims to disable the “online” functionality of your browser.

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