How Much YouTube Rubius Earns

As published by his company Snofokk SL, in 2019 it produced 2.08 Millions From euro. Of this amount, 867,000 euros reached his coffers and paid a total of 1.07 million euros in taxes.

Roubaius announced in mid-January that he was tired of tax pressure from Spain and that the Treasury had treated him as a “criminal”. For its part, the Treasury has confirmed that it will follow in its footsteps closely and will investigate whether it is true that the YouTuber will move to Andorra or is it just a maneuver to avoid paying taxes.

“If, as in the previous files, a person moves his residence to another country to pay less taxes, but is in fact still living in Spain, he will face problems.”They are confirmed by IRS inspectors.

According to the pixel middleman, from the 2.08 million euros you made in 2019, “He had to pay 376,788.07 euros in corporate tax and 1.562.212.5 euros (75% of the sales) were paid to Ruben as the professional partner of his company.”.

Additionally, of the remaining 1,562,212.5 euros, El Rubius had to pay 694,398.86 euros in personal income tax (IRPF). This is because he is also registered on a Spanish farm as a self-employed person.

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