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In recent days, a story of a young Mexican woman went viral on social media after she offered how much money she earns as a delivery driver in Canada.. She created a stir by sharing her story on TikTok, garnering thousands of views and comments.

The young woman is originally from Mexico and immigrated to Canada some time ago in search of new opportunities. After working different jobs, he decided to join a food delivery platform. What he did not expect was that this job would provide him with a completely satisfactory source of income.

This young lady makes more money as a delivery person than as a professional

In his viral video, he states this Graduated in Bacteriological Parasitology with a master’s degreeIt, however, did not have the soil it now has in Canada; He comments that in two days he earns what a Mexican can earn in his country in two weeks. This girl’s story has been widely discussed on social networks, as her case is an example of how hard work and perseverance can lead to rewarding results. In addition, it has served as an inspiration to many young Mexicans looking for opportunities in other countries.

On the other hand, it has also sparked a discussion about the economic situation in Mexico and the lack of opportunities for many young people. Numerous comments on social media highlighted that while it is admirable that she has found a satisfying source of income in Canada, it is also unfortunate that she has to immigrate to do so.

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This young woman’s story shows that immigration can be an option for those looking for better economic opportunities. However, it is also important to consider the need to improve the economic situation and opportunities in countries like Mexico, to prevent more young people from migrating in search of a better future.

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