How many children of Marcelo Longobardi are going to live with him in Miami

Marcelo Longobard He surprised the media by announcing that he would stop living in Argentina to settle permanently in the United States, specifically in Miami, where he would organize his radio session and TV show.

“He wanted to turn his life around, already tired and exhausted by all the political, social and economic problems that Argentina has. He is a special man and he is tired of everything that surrounds Argentina, other than his family,” they say of their environment.

Of course, his departure to Miami will not find the distinguished journalist alone, as his wife will accompany him, Laura PalermoThe two girls have in common: Clear s DolphinWho will arrive to start school there.

“It was already decided that the university would start in the United States, but the plans were advanced,” explains the same voice close to Longobardi who explained the reasons for his decision to leave Argentina.

Similarly, regarding the apartment in which the journalist will live with his wife and daughters, they detailed: “It is an exceptional summer village, the temperature in it varies from 25 to 30 degrees all year round. The only cold month (just below 20 degrees) is January. There are golf courses everywhere, which fascinates him.”

“He is already in another moment of his life. He has turned 60. He no longer wants to worry so much about every day, or think about what other people will say about his personal thoughts,” they comment.

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