How is the exam for doctors in France?

French President Emmanuel Macron.

the mir Not the only outlet for graduates in Medicine From Spain. In fact, in FranceThe medical sector provides good job opportunities and all doctors in the European Union can apply for it “Epreuves Classantes Nationales” (ECNi), which is equivalent to the resident’s internal medicine exam in Spain, to be able to access the required specialty. To take these exams, which will take place during the week of June 13-17, European candidates are required to register online before February 28 on the website of the National Center for Administration (CNG).

Candidates do not have to pay to be residents of more than Exam feethat oscillates 400 EUR.

How is “French mer”?

This exercise consists of The exam is divided into three parts: 11 multidisciplinary units, major diseases and syndromes, and diagnostic guidance. Regarding the years of training, these range from Four and five, depending on specialtyExcept for family medicine which is three.

moreover, European students participating in anonymous national ranking tests Which gives access to the third cycle of medical studies are ranked in the same list as students of French colleges.

about the Competencies linguistican official degree is not required to reach the Épreuves Classantes Nationales, but it is necessary to have a good level of French and an intermediate level of English to understand scientific articles. This applicant’s abilities appear in the development of the exam itself..

How is medical training in France?

Medical studies in the neighboring country are divided into three courses. the first session It consists of the first three years of training and upon completion, the title General Training Diploma in Medical Sciences. The second cycle consists of three more years in which the student receives theoretical and practical training in various diseases divided into modules, while the third cycle corresponds to the residency itself.

Once they pass this exam, students choose, based on their score, Specialization and place where they will perform residency. Upon termination of residence, the student receives Medical Diploma in Medicine, as a doctor. You can also get a file Diplôme d’études spécialisées (DES).

How does the French health system work?

as explained by State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) By document, the French health system is very similar to the Spanish system. The given name is French health system presumably 21 percent of public spending Around.

It consists of social and private medical insurance companies, and all French people have access to social security and can, in turn, pay for private insurance.

through government Jacques Chiracapproved in 2004 Share in healthTherefore, all users of the public health system must pay for each visit to the doctor, specialist, x-ray or analysis. The responsibility for public services lies with the central government of France in accordance with its central policies in other areas.

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