How do you know if you have OCD with inventory management in RPGs? – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

A good inventory system is essential, especially for the few hours we’ll put into a video game. But sometimes what should only be a procedure becomes an obsession. Are you one of those who have a tidy inventory or, conversely, make a mess?

I do not consider myself the most organized person in my personal life. I like to have a certain order and sometimes I do the typical categorizations, for example, of my collection of games or books by platform or alphabetical order. And the same thing happens to me when I encounter video game stock. Sometimes I don’t care much about it. on the other side , takes over

Resident Evil 4

It happens to me in every new game to Resident Evil 4. I can’t explain what bothers me about the Leon Kennedy briefcase, But the truth is that every time I open it I can take my time organizing every part of its inventory. The key, I think, is the lack of space, and that’s what generates my drive to order it and make everything fit.

But I realize I’m overstepping my bounds, and as my arsenal grows, I’m trying to take care of ranking. For example, the last time I played, I took all my weapons, placed them on the left side of the case, and then arranged each accessory and corresponding ammo type into rows. Then he arranged the herbs and pomegranates as best he could according to their color.

As you see, A good inventory can be a blessing. However, Resident Evil 4, though I like it, is one that tends to do the opposite of what these lists should be: Cut the beat The game due to not having enough shortcuts and forcing the player to change weapons in the middle of the action and resort to stopping. When inventories are larger, and they are unreasonably large, this can be a problem.

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NioH inventory


Escape from Diogenes syndrome in video games

This is what happens to me, for example, with Nioh. It’s the opposite example, because I don’t want to spend a minute managing inventory. As a result, you may miss out on opportunities to shuffle or upgrade good weapons, but slowing down going into the inventory every now and then to sell or get rid of is very heavy. Overpriced equipment that you can get in each category. seems to be in long They will follow a similar line, though somewhat more conservatively.

Finally, we have it The Elder Scrolls EpicHow can this series not be in an article with these characteristics. Books can be written with inventory experiences amnesia also Skyrim. It’s also an essential test for everyone who has it Very severe Diogenes syndrome He has an obsession with picking up everything he finds in his path, in a drawer or in a dead body.



I remember that the last time I played Skyrim, I radically changed my strategy. He wouldn’t pick anything up off the ground if it wasn’t worth the effort. Do not leave the bodies of your opponents naked. Not every chest or barrel was opened because the chances of finding something useful were very uncertain. And so he didn’t have to contend, firstly with an excessive stock and secondly with the most dangerous Daedric demon of all: weight limit. Frozen already said: let her go. If it’s total, they’ll give you four bucks for that hundredweight full barbarian armor in your inventory.

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It’s funny how a simple inventory system can affect our hobbies so much

Posts to collect absolutely everything, unless there is a dreaded weight limit. In the Evil spiritsFor example, I carry all of my armor with me with no problem, and that makes it easier to try out some combos because weight only matters if you’re equipped with them. Which has always made the stowage chest relatively useless to me, though I’m sure there will be many players whose system obsession drives them to get rid of it. What I admit is that in Dark Souls I don’t like anything with duplicate armor pieces. It’s driving me crazy and I can’t understand why.


Red dead redemption 2

And if it is necessary to pick up a lot of rubbish from the ground, then what less than the game makes it easy. Skyrim does not always do this, sometimes having to pinpoint the little things. But there is something else that makes me a little nervous sometimes Red dead redemption 2. Eventually I got used to his rhythm, but at first he was a good old man Arthur had many very realistic animations to open every little cupboard and closet door I was afraid for my mental health.

It’s funny how a simple inventory system can affect our hobbies so much, I’m sure you have your own hobbies so it’s time to own up to your tales with inventory systems.

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