How do I free up space in Gmail, Drive, and Photos to store more information?

This way you can free up and manage space in Gmail, Drive, and Google Photos. (Unsplash)

mailbox for Google, like other email service providers, fills up mainly because new emails are received. In case gmailit is important to note that if storage space full, you will not be able to receive new messages.

The reasons for the space being full must relate specifically to the receipt of emails. spam or Spam emails It can also fill your inbox. Spammers send mass emails to email addresses, and some of them can pass through spam filters and access Inbox.

Some of the emails that populate your inbox may also be related to subscriptions to various mailing lists or newsletters. When a user subscribes to these feeds, he will regularly receive emails from them. Without proper management of this SubscriptionsThese emails take up space in your inbox.

Emails with large attachments, such as pictures, documents, or videos, take up more space in your inbox. If many of these emails are received, the storage capacity in the inbox will fill up faster.

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With the above mentioned, it is useful to know some tips on Free up space storage in Google and achieve better flow on the platform. Here are some of these tricks:

Open a web browser and go to the home page of Google.

– Sign in to your Google account.

– Click on the icon Applications icon (usually in the upper right corner, represented by nine dots in the form of a grid) and select the application you want to review, such as Gmail.

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Once in the app, find the option or session Shows the details of the space used. For Gmail, you can click on the “Storage Manager” or “Manage Storage” link to get this information.

Review the information provided to see how much it is space It was used in this particular application. Details about how much space your email messages, attachments, or other items take up can be found.

This way you can free up and manage space in Gmail, Drive, and Google Photos.

1. Space in Gmail

From your cell phone or computer, open the search engine gmail.

In the search bar, type “larger:” followed by a specific size, for example, “larger: 10MB”. This will display all emails over 10MB in size.

– File analysis mail that appears and decides whether or not it can be deleted.

– Adjust the search size by changing the numeric value, for example, you can search for “larger: 2MB” for smaller emails.

Delete emails that are no longer required by following the instructions in Gmail.

– If you want to free up space on Google DriveYou should review the files and delete the ones you no longer need. Search filters allow you to find the largest files or those that take up the most space.

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2. Free up space in Google Photos

– From your computer or cell phone, you must have access Google Images.

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– Click on the optionstorage“.

– An offer to buy a storage plan has been noted, but you must scroll down until you find the option “Free up space in Gmail“.

– Click on Read, then select Review Items.

– You will find a sectiongreat items’, where you can see all your emails sorted by size, from heaviest to lightest.

Click on the emails you want to delete and follow the instructions to delete them.

– l Google Images, find the option to manage or free up space in your photo library and follow the steps to delete any photos or videos you no longer want to keep. You can also use cleaning options such as removing dull or duplicate photos.

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