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Premier Access on Disney Plus is a way to simultaneously access movies released by the entertainment giant in cinemas and on the streaming platform, which pays extra for a subscription. How to enter?

Premier Access on Disney Plus is available in all markets where the service operates, except France.

If they sign up for Disney Plus directly, they can reconfirm their billing details or enter a new payment method. Alternatively, if a subscriber initiates their subscription through a third-party service, they can choose to get Premier Access directly via the web at (and enter new payment details) or get in-app billing on select platforms.

Currently, the value of Premier Access in Disney Plus varies from country to country and is at these prices.

Argentina: $1,050
Australia: AUD 3,499
Brazil: 69.90 BRL
Canada: C$34.99
Chile: 12,900 Chilean pesos
Colombia: 49,900 Colombian pesos
Costa Rica: $11.99
Ecuador: $12.99
United States: $29.99
Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc.): €21.99
Mexico: 329 Mexican pesos
New Zealand: 39.99 NZD
Paraguay: $13.99
UK: £19.99
Uruguay: $16.99

Once you have access to Premier Access, you can watch the movie as many times as you want on any device anywhere Disney Plus is available. After that, you’ll still have access to the movie for as long as you’re subscribed to Disney Plus.

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