Hot Docs Festival Latino Filmography projects on Canadian screens

After last year’s virtual agenda, the event returns to theaters with its usual sections, awards and a made-in section, which this time focused on Chilean films, with titles such as Under Doubt: Zokunentu, Meeting Point, Desert space, Alis, Primera and the short film Damaged.

Likewise, the Academy Award-nominated documentary, The Mole Agent, is on the billboard and will be shown online, while the Brazilian film is featured with four audiovisual films.

In this sense, the calendar proposes the international premiere of Vento na Frontera, by Laura Firman and Mariana Weiss, as well as Lavra, Lucas Bambuzzi, Peles, Marcos Pimentel and Sinfonia d’mémé commé, by José Fovelli.

Until May 9, the festival is also screening two films by new Mexican directors: Mama, by Xun Sero and Las hostilidades, by M. Sebastián Molina, while highlighting the Peruvian film Pakucha, by Tito Catacora, and the Costa Rican biopic Ernesto, gracias by Laura Angel Cordoba.

According to the competition’s official page, among the productions competing for the Best International Documentary Award, dozens of shows were presented in Armenia, Poland, the United States, Belgium, Japan, Ukraine, Germany, Brazil and Switzerland, among other collaborations.

Similarly, there is a section dedicated to the season’s successes with films such as Hannah Pollack’s Angels of Sinjar; Daughters of the Calendar, by Maria Lohofoud and Loew Martinsen; A House Made of Fragments, by Simon Lering; Midwives, Hanin E. Heling; A Million Dollar Bathroom, by Gavin Fitzgerald, among several.


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