Hospitals and sanatoriums require the use of a chin strap in the county

“The use of chin braces remains mandatory within health institutions,” the posters that fill the walls of a famous sanatorium in Rosario. Where, in addition, at the entrance, they invite people to drink the available alcohol.

From the governorate, they confirmed that this is a sign “that’s right”, But It was not established in the last decree of Governor Omar Beiruti, Where commitment was left aside to become a suggestion.

However, according to the information obtained CapitalAnd Next week, the health portfolio will indicate the mandatory use of the mask in the public and private health fieldTherefore, the regulation will be amended last April 20.

However, these days, many health entities, both public and private, have decided to follow the line of commitment.

Doctors, nurses, stretcher carriers and administrative staff didn’t take off their masks either.

A tour of this newspaper through the various health institutions in the city was able to determine that the majority of those who enter clinics, sanatoriums or health centers do so while wearing a mask.

In clinics, the situation is repeated: both doctors and patients use it. And in some clinics, they offer it if a person tries to enter without a mask.

This tool of protection imposed with the epidemic is likely to remain in force for a long time, especially in sanatoriums, hospitals and other places associated with the care of people with health problems.


The Minister of Public Administration, Markus Korac, signed Resolution 0161 on April 20, which states that “in the development of social, sports, cultural, religious, economic and service activities, the use of protective elements is recommended. These cover the nose, mouth and chin in common enclosed spaces or public entrances and in workplaces. which do not have adequate transverse ventilation.

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“Depending on the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the province (average of 40 positive cases in the past seven days, with decreasing indicators across the province) and the progress of the vaccination campaign, it is possible to reduce the requirements for the use of protective items covering the nose, mouth and chin, and to establish it as a recommendation ‘,” reads the same resolution that bears Korash’s signature.

In the same text, it was emphasized that “it is appropriate to reaffirm the health recommendation to complete the vaccination schedule with a second dose and a booster dose.”

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