Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute and the PIMEC Foundation sign an agreement to improve psychological well-being

The Hospital del Mar Institute for Medical Research (IMIM-Hospital del Mar) and the PIMEC Foundation have signed a cooperation agreement with the common goal of improving the mental health of entrepreneurs and workers, within the scope of SMEs. The agreement will facilitate the access of SMEs to the European project MENTUPP(Promotion of mental health and intervention in occupational settings), through interventions designed and facilitated by the IMIM Mental Health Research Group.

SMEs generate 62.2% of Spain’s GDP and 72.4% of employment, and are thus the engine of the economy. Businesses and the self-employed in the sectors most affected by the effects of COVID19 are very vulnerable.

The agreement between IMIM-Hospital del Mar and FundaciĆ³ PIMEC passes through the development of projects related to healthcare and promotion, through healthcare, scientific research and innovation within the European project MENTUPP. The goal is improve wellbeing Within the small and medium-sized companies in the sectors of construction, health and information and communication technology.

FundaciĆ³ PIMEC will search for companies from the construction, health and ICT sectors who would like to participate free of charge in this European project. The articles created are interactive with relevant information on stress, psychological well-being and symptoms of depression and anxiety. The Principal investigator on the project, Dr. Benedict Amann, asserts that “It is critical to create awareness of the importance of emotional and psychosocial well-being within SMEs in general and outside the enterprise as well as ultimately to create greater economic well-being in each company.“.

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