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Removes mouse dirt from the screen.

If you are the type of person who spends their lives in front of a computer screen, you will know that mouse use is done on a daily basis. We often forget that these tools come into contact with our skin almost every day and under many circumstances. We don’t usually realize that this device can be a source of bacteria, because sometimes we eat, come back from the street, touch dirty things and then deal with this device. In a previous Teach Me Science article, we taught how to clean a computer keyboard, and now it’s another tool’s turn. Next, I teach you how to clean a computer mouse.

Disconnect or remove the batteries

To start the cleaning process, you must first disconnect the mouse from the monitor, if it is wireless, remove the batteries to prevent damage and make sure it is turned off. Never clean an electronic device without realizing that it has not been turned on. Once you do that you can move on to the next step; Clean the surface.

External cleaning

A mouse is something we carry around constantly, so after many uses, it must have accumulated bacteria and grease from the hands. We usually handle it without washing our hands beforehand, which is a mistake, because it is for everyday use. To clean the surface, wipe it with a disinfecting swab and then spray it with an antibacterial solution. Dry it well to avoid any damage.

Clean the buttons

In this step, you have to be very careful, because if you do it wrong, you may damage the device. To clean the buttons, it is necessary to pass a toothpick in the middle of the keys, and you will see that all the dust and dirt that was stored in that place will be removed. Clean the edges by passing a toothpick and when you’re done, pass a piece of disinfecting tissue again, and dry well again after doing this.

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keyboard ventilation

Another obvious and simple trick is to blow air with a small force towards the mouse so that the dirt comes out of it. Generally, dust and lint are lifted with a little air, in which case when you air the mouse, the crumbs will come out from inside.

Clean the mouse pad

Once the mouse has been cleaned and sterilized, it is important to clean its surroundings. Cleaning the pad will prevent the mouse from getting dirty again. Get rid of the bacteria with some disinfectant and run a clean cloth over it after removing the dust. Always before each use, do not forget to wash your hands well to avoid contamination, and also if you eat food and use your computer at the same time, remember that food residues and grease will remain on the mouse, making it dirty again.

With the recommendations above, your computer mouse should be ready to use. Don’t forget to clean it regularly, preferably after every use or at least every day, remembering that it can be a potential source of germs.

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