“Hollywood Detective on the Loose,” on Netflix: Old-Fashioned Action | Mark Molloy’s Outdated Workout

Hollywood Detective on the Loose: Axel F – 6 points

(Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.United States/2024)

Title: Mark Molloy

Text: Will Beale, Tom Gormican and Kevin Eaton

Duration: 115 minutes

Performers: Eddie Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taylor Paige, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton and Kevin Bacon

Available on Netflix

The opening credits featured a moving shot showing Axel Foley's car while “The Heat Is On” played. Glenn Frey, They say everything: the new adventure begins One of the most famous police officers in the eighties and early nineties, Years full of comedies about honest, cool guys who almost always wear uniforms getting involved in cases. Internal corruption or major conspiracies The villain in charge is pretty bad. But it's 2024 and Detective Foley already has a few more decades under his belt. Eddie Murphy sleeping in formaldehyde He insists on denying it.

Sent under the umbrella of the pulpit NetflixWhere you can watch the previous trilogy A detective on the loose in Hollywood: Axel F. One exercise strange maneuver For this type of film, he was tasked with “updating” the validity of a franchise that knew how to be successful. Very successful, in this case: the first part, directed by Martin Brest in 1984, is the 47th highest-grossing film in history at the box office in inflation-adjusted values. What is he doing now, forty years later? He The rebels What is expected, nothing happens, presides over the abuse of winking and suggestion The movie “Like the old”. It's not a big deal, of course.

The narrative model is known and is called The Friend Movie Murphy could almost claim to have been part of his own invention. After all, he was one of the odd couple. 48 hours (The other was Nick Nolte)a cornerstone of films about two characters who are incompatible and contradictory in the way they exist and act, but who complement each other perfectly when they unite against the bad guys. Murphy returns to his country workmanship It quickly becomes apparent that his Axel Foley is still intact. Destroy dozens of cars all over the city just to stop two petty thieves.

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However, he is a man who is loved by the entire Detroit police force. The one person who doesn't want that is his daughter, Jane. (Taylor Paige) The lawyer you barely speak to. Through the twist of the script, Axel travels to Los Angeles and discovers that his daughter is taking him in. Threats After another corruption case, another spin, and it turns out Foley ended up in custody in front of Detective Bobby Abbott's office. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Who in turn had a thing for Jane, the same person who pays bail and meets… with both of them.

are they Engravingmost relevant; and also references. But Mark Molloy's film is quietly It could have been filmed decades ago. Hence his conception of the story as a mixture of chase scenes and others where the two main plots (the investigation of the case and the re-establishment of Foley's relationship with Jimmy) advance, as well as the story. Eliminate any infallible technological device for use today. Here everything is solved less with tools and physical dexterity than with harm and ingenuity. And with Murphy's full gummy smile, who hasn't looked so comfortable since then. My name is Dolomite (2019). He is the complete opposite of the very serious Captain Grant, Foley's nemesis and boss. Kevin Bacon. You can't get more 80s.

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