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the treatments Alternatives are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to improve their emotional and physical well-being in a more natural and conscious way. within these treatments There are Regressions to Previous Lives, Tameana, Reiki, Biocoding and Access Tapes, among others.

In an interview with ANB, Gladys, a holistic therapist from Bariloche, confirmed that she recommends this type of therapy for those who desire a spiritual opening. He said, “I advise you to work on your spiritual side, because in order to understand life and happiness, if we do not work on our emotions, our mind and our body, we cannot live in harmony.”

past life regressions It is a technology that allows access to memories and past life experiences through the subconscious mind. In this way to treatCurrent traumas and problems may have their origins in past lives, so accessing those memories can help heal the present. This technique is done through hypnosis, where the patient is directed by a therapist to access those memories through the subconscious mind.

Technique insuranceon the other hand, is a file to treat Energy that works with the vibrations of the body to release emotional and physical blockages. It is used with visualization and creative meditation to bring about a state of balance and harmony in the body and mind. Tameana maintains that each person has their own unique vibrational frequency and that working with it helps release blockages that block the flow of energy and attracts positive attitudes around it.

Finally, the access bars They to treat which includes gentle stimulation of 32 points on the head, each representing an experience or belief. Touching each point releases the energies of those experiences and beliefs and allows for a greater ability to receive. According to the to treatReach bars can help calm the nervous system, improve sleep, release stress and increase mental clarity.

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“I always speak from my personal experience and what I see from my clients after each session. This in no way replaces conventional medicine. There are things that are addressed with the doctor, other with the psychiatrist and other with the holistic therapy that goes with it Gladys over.

Although you treatments Although they are not recognized by the general medical community, their proponents claim that they have been effective in treating a variety of disorders including stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and the like.

Gladys changed her life and devoted herself entirely to alternative therapies. Photo: Marcelo Martinez.

past life regressions

This therapy is a technique that emerges from regressive hypnosis. A process that sees clients navigate individual memory channels through persuasive speech that is used to guide a person through their subconscious mind and help them remember their past lives.

As mentioned by the advocates of it to treat, The problems of the present can be rooted in past life experiences, which would affect people’s daily lives. “There was a case where she backed away from a counselor, and saw that she was a 9-year-old girl who had her leg torn off by a shark in the sea. She was afraid of water and could not go into the sea. From that moment on, that feeling of fear completely changed and she started to go into the water, Gladys said.

Following this line, the advocates of this technique maintain that through these regressions those memories that have been stored in the memory of the subconscious mind can be released to help treat various ailments.

The second step is that, once in people’s past lives, the therapist reconstructs the events that occurred in that life, the decisions made, and other data that will allow the patient to identify attitudes, decisions, or attitudes derived from the events experienced that could have ramifications in the current life.

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Tameana is a deep vibrational action, by condensing large amounts of energy. Work on all aspects: physical, emotional and open on a spiritual level. Seven vibrational levels have been reached, the preceding evolution of DNA restructuring into more physical levels.

The therapist explained: “The first thing people who do a Tameana session realize is that they start to sleep well at night. It is highly recommended for people suffering from insomnia and anxiety, as it contributes to a better rest.”

We work with Pleiadian symbols that modulate the reality of vibration, changing the lowest and most intense patterns on various physical surfaces to more subtle levels. You work with quartz crystals that modulate and amplify frequencies, and are very powerful for human healing and transformation.

Access bars

Although its name sounds strange, the Access Bar is a very simple yet effective technique that focuses on four main areas: the body, judgment control, money and conscience. The main goal is to release any kind of negative emotions and feelings you are feeling that are preventing a full life.

“In my experience, it’s very effective in people with insomnia and anxiety. The vast majority, after the session, tell me they feel happier, and they start to lose that sense of not finding meaning in things and life,” he said.

the to treat It is about touching 32 points on the head, during one-hour sessions, while the person deeply relaxes. Like in Tameana, experts also state that they work on their energy frequency.

Advocates of this technique maintain that it helps release problems and negative feelings that have been blocking an individual’s path, improve their quality of life, provide mental clarity and emotion, and reduce problems with insomnia, stress, and strong feelings, among others. In addition, they ensure that you can work on your lack of self-esteem and creativity issues.

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Regarding the effectiveness of this treatments, it is difficult to make a comprehensive assessment. In the absence of scientific consensus behind that before and after treatmentsIt is difficult to say how much the mind affects and how much the disturbances themselves affect. However, what is clear is that more and more people are deciding to include them as part of their personal care routine, and in many cases, they have reported feeling significant changes. Although you treatments It is not recognized by the medical community, and the truth is that there are quite a few people who are satisfied with the results.

Gladys is a Barilochense holistic therapist and holistic psychology technician. It is dedicated to promoting healing in this spiritual and emotional realm, in conjunction with traditional therapies and allopathic therapies.

“My personal life experience led me to become a healer today. At the age of 25, I had leukemia for the first time, and a second time at the age of 35. The second time I thought I was dying. I have a life marked by experiences -not just diseases-, which It prompted me to investigate, study and apply certain techniques to myself first and then apply them to others.I went out without intending to,I started doing it with friends and family and they started sending me people,until recently I put a business on hold for many years to dedicate myself to this,which I feel It’s what I came into this world for.”

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