Hitman 2 and much more

The new PS Plus games for September are filled with action, stealth, and cooking disasters.

Like every new month, users PlayStation Plus On PS5 and PS4 a new set of Games to download for free With online subscription. A month later, in August Full of bats and deadly plantsSeptember brings us back to work routine and The need to wear a suit. In fact, one of the biggest stars of the month is hitman 2But this is not the only game you can play Download today on your consoles.

The first PS Plus games in September are just Overcooked! All you can eat, the most out-of-control collaborative cooking experience I’ve seen since…the last episode of Masterchef, probably. Although the TV show would like to have just as much fun, self-confidence and excitement as this Turn17 game, With more than 200 levels of culinary disasters 4K y 60 fps on PlayStation 5.

Overcooked is the PS5 game of the month, while PS4 games They come loaded with action, stealth, and more action. our hand Predator: hunting groundsGood dose of asymmetric multiplayer action in it squad of soldiers He faces the most efficient hunter in the universe with the goal of escaping the jungle alive…if the predator allows it.

On the other hand, as we already expected, we did hitman 2. The second installment in IO Interactive’s latest trilogy expands Agent 47’s adventures with new adventures strange sites Show off your deadly skills: from Miami racetracks to gothic castles on a remote Atlantic island. What’s not included is a wig for Agent 47, but you’ll have no problem finding the costumes everywhere.

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We remind you of the latest PlayStation promotions, which allow this Join PS Plus for only €1 for the first month. Likewise, we met this new week PlayStation Now games in September, a catalog of subscription games from Tokyo Corporation.

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