His car game “runs”

Players have not been able to access the Polyphony Digital drop since yesterday, after implementing the patch.

players Grand Touring 7 I was met with an unpleasant surprise, because the title of Polyphony Digital It has been under maintenance since yesterday.. This happened because of update Which is not fully implemented properly, resulting in Some servers are currently inaccessible. However, these kinds of situations also present an opportunity for games of the same style, and Network Legends Previously Take the lead in this race.

GRID Legends is a video game with cars that you can play right nowCode MastersAs a result of the issue in Gran Turismo 7, the Codemasters title did not hesitate to promote itself on Twitter with a message reminding us of it Immediate availability, now availableGRID Legends is a video game with cars that you can play nowPhrase, as some users comment, feel free to joke with the fall of Gran Turismo 7.

On the other hand, the situation in Gran Turismo 7 has led to a discussion about games that require permanent connection. As many netizens point out, Polyphony Digital’s latest patch would not have affected players’ experience if they could drive Offline modeTherefore, not everyone can now enjoy the benefits of Gran Turismo 7.

If you need to fire off your adrenaline right away, then think GRID Legends bases its suggestion on frantic speedTherefore, it is a viable alternative. in that Analyticswe highlight Franchise Evolution Thanks to a large number of cars, an online mode and a very pleasant driving. Of course, the story mode wasn’t as exceptional as EA promised us, so we’re left with that Not convinced by this point.

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