HiddenLight for Hillary and Chelsea Clinton launched Unscripted, Land UK 4 ‘Superbrands’ Order

HiddenLight Productions TV poster of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton launched a new unscripted label, which received the first commission from the UK Channel 4 series.

Launched in conjunction with the Channel 4 deal, HLP Studios will focus on popular real-life content and formats, with its first show set to spotlight some of the world’s biggest brands.

part eight Within Superbrands You’ll go behind the scenes of eight major British brands, including Kellogg, Heinz, Walkers and Guinness, and go to factories, boards and product development labs to explore their stories and explain how they became part of the UK’s cultural identity.

“Brands are an integral part of all of our lives and what we buy says a lot about how we live,” said Johnny Webb, CEO of HiddenLight Productions. “We are excited to be working with Channel 4 on our first commission from HLP Studios. HLP Studios gives us the opportunity to spread our creative wings across popular formats and events and bring our spirit to a wider audience.”

Within Superbrands It will be hosted by Helen Skelton.

“The series enters the hidden world of global brands so popular in Britain, in a surprising, insightful and fun way,” said Nick Bates, Executive Producer of HiddenLight. “We have been given unique access to global brands that TV cameras have never allowed before. Our host, the irrepressible Helen Skelton, takes us on a journey into the heart of these big brands, unveiling secrets in their factories and innovation labs, but also putting Questions brands don’t necessarily want to hear. Helen’s innate warmth, curiosity, and intelligence are taken for granted, but this series allows audiences to see her in a whole new light.”

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Within Superbrands Commissioned by Vivienne Molokwu, Editor-in-Chief for Channel 4’s Reality Entertainment. Bates and Webb are executive producers of HiddenLight, and the series’ editor is Anoushka Roberts.

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