‘Hi, I’m Britney Spears…’: The singer is preparing for a Netflix documentary about her father’s guardianship

United State-. Today Netflix On social media, I presented a small clip from the official trailer for the documentary film prepared by the platform In Case Britney Spears And her struggle to end her father’s tenure. Fans are eager to see the official trailer, which comes out tomorrow, as not only will they expect a little more to see, but the release date will finally be known.

The twenty-second clip shows a black background while listening to it spears speaking in the background. Hello, my name is Britney Spears. I called you before. I’m calling you back because I just wanted to make sure that while removing the guardianship process…”is all that is heard before the video is cut. Then on the screen Netflix Announces that the full trailer can be seen tomorrow.

The sound heard in the small preview is an audio message spears He left in 2009, twelve years ago, in the lawyer’s mailbox on January 21 just after midnight. The documentary titled Britney vs Spears, where it was about a battle spears To regain the freedom that his father took from him, which ignited the movement Britney Free As a support for the singer.

In the preview it is clear that spears He has been fighting for more than a decade to get rid of his father’s guardianship, which he could achieve this year now that he has agreed to retire to avoid a legal battle against his daughter that leaves him in disrepair. Jimmy Spears He gained guardianship after the pop princess was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in 2008, and gained financial and medical power.

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Erin Lee Kar He was responsible for directing the documentary, according to what he said diverseIt took more than a year to work. He will conduct several interviews with people in a circle spears, although the singer is almost certainly not a part of it. On September 29, a new hearing will be held in the case Britney Spears, some estimate that it may also be the release date of the documentary.

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