He’s Argentinian and he showed the separate distinctions that exist with US toilets: “water.”

Nacho Z. that it tiktoker And Youtube Argentinian who lives in the capital United kingdom He is dedicated to sharing the curiosities of his travels and travels. In this case he went to United State It shares strange differences in toilets from every country.

He’s Argentinian, lives in Japan, and showed how food gets to restaurants: ‘I touched everything’

The Argentine tiktoker was encouraged to go to a restaurant in Japan, but the roles were mixed when asked, and his reaction spread to all networks.

Something has caught my eye about toilets in the United StatesThe account holder begins Soyachozita In the video that wandered into social networks with such great curiosity about the health device.

How do toilets differ in Argentina and the United States?

Basically, this is because these toilets have a lot of water in them. The water level compared to a toilet in Europe, Argentina or South America is very high“, He says influencersindicating the distinct difference you notice between countries, based on your own travel experience.

He’s Argentinian and showed the disturbing differences between toilets in the US: “Water”

Then he explains why this happened:This is because they have a different system. The system they use, as opposed to the European or South American system, which is when the water’s low, throws everything away. This is a suction system, meaning this toilet needs more water to function“.

In addition, he joked about the ills that a high water level could cause and how it might affect its use: “I don’t want to go into too many details but you can imagine what happens when the water is too high and you just sit there.“.

His video made a round on social media and was picked up by various portals, after he stated that he hates the genre toiletsdedicated to United State. Users of various applications also expressed their opinion: “wasting water. very worried yankees, As always, due to global warming“.

specific user comes from savior He commented on his experience in his country:That is how they are in El Salvador. I always thought everyone was the same. How do they operate in Europe and South America?“.

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