He’s an electrician and told on TikTok that a customer wants to pay him in an unconventional way

An electrician shared on his TikTok account the unusual anecdote he had with a client. (Video: TikTok/marcostozzi887)

Marcus Tozzi, an electrician who shares his stories as a professional on TikTok, when asked by a follower, shared the time he The client wanted to pay for his services in an unconventional way.

The man recounted in his video that he once went to do a job in a house where he had to change all the wires due to an electrical leak, it took three to four days, and at that moment he noticed a strange situation. . by the owner.

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I was searching for my tongueBut I didn’t notice anything. Suddenly he said to me:What do you want to eat? And he added to him: “Don’t cause any trouble, I’m going home and I’ll be back. Don’t worry about me, I told him because apart from this situation he made me feel uncomfortable. The man said: He started to insist on me so hard that I said to him, “Okay, it’s okay.”

The electrician admitted the unusual situation he had with a customer. (photo: video capture)

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The electrician admitted minutes later that they had gone down to eat, stating that they were alone in the house, and the woman had prepared a salad with milanisas. And who sends him while chatting on WhatsApp with a colleague jokingly a voice that says: “See how they treat meLet’s see if they treat you like that” and attached a picture of the food.

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“He answers me, and I play the canchero, I put on the amplifier and the guy says to me:” Dell, moreover, I recharged it to the mine, it makes you eat. Mine stares at me and says, “Oh, so you’re going to spoil me,” I explained to him, to which he immediately argued that her partner was talking about something else.

The astrologer stared at me as if she wanted to kill me and generated a very uncomfortable atmosphere. I had to ask the other skinny to come and explain the situation. Mine was on the matter of wanting something with me and wanted to upset me, then forgive me anything. He looked at me in a weird way and noticed the other one,” Marcus admitted.

Marcus ends up admitting after a while that he “made it” with the woman. (photo: video capture)

As the electrician explained, the situation remained this way, a little strange in his opinion, until the woman had to pay him and go home. W entered Gave me a lot of hints. I didn’t come forward because I said “Here I suck, I know the husband, I know everyone”. But, when the attraction is so strong, no reason works:I didn’t apply that day, but I applied another dayMarcus finished in his video.

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Video collected 203 thousand “likes” and more than 1000 comments Where all his followers highlighted the story auction. “And mine was throwing hints at me but I didn’t propose that day, but I proposed again”, “I didn’t propose that day…but I did another ‘hahahaha’” were some of the comments left by his followers.

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