He’s 40, makes $160,000 a month, and gives two very valuable pieces of advice.

A man started his first business with passion He established a second method in which he applied many of the techniques that enable him to generate income For 160 thousand US dollars per month. In addition, he only works five hours a week and helps others make their projects a success. From their point of view, there are two basic tips that must be followed to reach the top.

Graham Cochrane, 40, runs two online businesses: a music blog and a business coaching brand. admitted to CNBC that At first nothing came easy and it was hard for him to find something that really worked. However, he risked it all by indulging in what he loved: “When I started my first job in 2009, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I had a passion for music production and I needed to make money.”

The businessman now serves more than 2,000 clients advising them around the world@grahamcochrane / Instagram

His success story left its mark and became an inspiration to others who want to follow in his footsteps. So, He also became a business consultant to several small businesses He has his own book titled How to get paid for what you know: “I teach people how to start and grow a business. What I’ve discovered after working with thousands of clients is that every six-figure company has one thing in common: they serve not just any audience, but a hungry audience.”. In this sense, give the main advice:

The expert believes that even before starting to create a product or service, it is necessary to know the potential audience to whom it will be sold: “The public faces a problem that needs to be solved and is serious enough for them to be willing to pay.”

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This is why he urged to do personal introspection about The type of services or items you wish to pay for“The easiest people to serve are people like you. What growth have you experienced in your life? Can you help others overcome a problem and grow in the same way. Or, what problem would you like to solve? Can you help yourself and others fill that void?”

Once you define the audience, you have to create a product that people will actually buy, so you need to follow a few steps: Make a list of the five biggest challenges consumers face and ask yourself a question: What is a transformational solution someone will get after working with you or your product?

The businessman’s profits are greater than he ever imaginedstock struggle

Another good option to get this response is to rely on social networks. Your Instagram bio, for example, only gives you 150 characters for people to pay attention to. Here’s a simple formula you can use to create an offer: “I help [X audiencia hambrienta] to check [X resultado] without having to [hacer X cosas que la gente quiere evitar]Cochrane noted.

Accordingly, he stated this It is not so much about what is sold to people as how it is sold to them: “Whether it’s a haircut or an e-book, what matters is the transformation you give your audience.”


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