Herrera Ahwad detailed agreements on the US tour

Saturday, October 1, 2022 | 5:15 am

The joint presence of the Governors of the Great North in the tour that ended yesterday in the United States represented a novelty for the business, political and judicial leaders of the northern country.

Missionary Governor Oscar Herrera Uhud “was very positive” began by noting and then reviewed each of the actions implemented in a telephone conversation with El Territorio and opened many doors for agreements or investments with the Red Earth.

In fact, he noted, the province has agreements with important companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. Namely with the former, progress has been made in agreements to coordinate technology investments that allow to provide the fiber optic structure needed to improve connectivity that can facilitate education and agriculture in rural areas.

As reported, Amazon Web Services also provided training in cloud computing knowledge and shared the benefits of cloud to the public sector in its Washington, DC offices.

“When they talk about Misiones, they talk about the responsibility of the signed agreements to continue investing,” Herrera Ahwad added.

It is the support that Misiones noticed abroad, but also indicated that in this sense it is necessary to transfer it from the nation, that is, to transfer equal confidence to the investors.

The president noted that he has met with many investors who are interested in producing clean energy from biomass, but are asking for a national guarantee that will allow them to enter the machines or potential responses to the corresponding maintenance.

Hence, the missionary chief highlighted how surprised they were that a commission of Unitarian rulers had arrived for the first time with the same purpose of targeting the development of the Norte Grande region.

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“The perception they have of Argentines is that we are all fighting. They were surprised by the way we jointly manage our rulers,” Herrera-Uhuad added.

For this reason, he emphasized that for the region there are great expectations born for the development of productive areas, minerals and in the case of Misiones, with a formal request for an urgent environmental agenda.

In the same way, during the interview he made progress with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to establish some lines of financing that would also include areas such as health.

He declared that he hoped an Islamic Development Bank delegation would be present at Misions soon, to move forward with the managed agreements.

For private investors too, according to the county chief, there is interest in the idea of ​​making significant investments in solar PV collectors.

For this reason, he emphasized that in general the tour was “very positive” by reminding that regional economies are also in the first place, which will be in great demand “in a fragmented world,” said the governor, who accompanied him. In the tour was made by the deputies of Misiones, Lucas Romero Spinelli and Sonia Rojas Decote. After the tour began on Monday, the delegation is scheduled to return today at 11:55 p.m., on an American Airlines flight to Buenos Aires via Miami.

last day

During the fifth and final day of the existence of the ten rulers of Norte Grande, they laid out an intense agenda yesterday.

During the morning, they held a meeting at the Association of the Americas / Council of the Americas (ESCWA), where they were received by its President, Susan Segal, and officials from the Foundation to search for investment opportunities in this region of the country.

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They were accompanied by Interior Minister Eduardo Wado de Pedro and Argentine Ambassador to the United States Jorge Arguelo.

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