Here’s what you can do to keep your drawings cool in summer

We always say it and this time it will be no different: in computing there are no miracles, there are constant improvements and improvements that usually cost time or money. That’s why and with a thought to spend what is necessary, we will see what we can do with the component that is most temperature sensitive.

Is it possible to keep your drawing cool in the middle of summer?

To answer this question, you must first define what we mean by “new” as such, because the quick answer would be yes, but it’s clearly in the checkbook. So, with our conversation, we’ll be referring to a range of degrees lower than what your PC will be today, a range that can take us up to several degrees of improvement or a few degrees, depending on what’s chosen.

We understand with hot GPU that those running while playing a demanding game on 80°C or above, compromising the frequencies, performance, or integrity of its components, such as VRM or VRAM. With that, let’s get down to business.

Improve case cooling

It’s a classic, but here we’ll add to a portion of the stern fans that could be better or worse depending on the pocket, there are two other factors to consider. First of all, change the structure directly. Good condition improves our GPU temperature by a few degrees, especially if it is standard Fans with good performance and sound.

The second point here is to improve the cooling with higher quality fans and of course also in volumes with the correct airflow. Finally, we have to figure out if spending on AIO systems for GPUs in liquid cooling or direct switching to a dedicated system with an independent block and loop will suit us. Logically, these are very extreme cases where you either want the best sound with the temperature or you have a hell of a house and you have to choose these conditions.

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change position

Some tiles allow changing the position from landscape to portrait, which often gives users joy. When the chassis cooling is poor in terms of flow or pressure, even in fan mode, hot air builds up in the GPU area, reabsorbing the hot air it expels over and over, as it does so. Never finish cooling. Dump up and thus out of the chassis.

GPU-Vertical Mount

If our box had a vertical stabilization, we would enforce this effect of vertical air movement (excuse the repetition) causing at least 50% of it to be expelled upwards, while the other 50% would come out below and after bouncing back with the support or support. The middle plate of the box will tend to rise, breaking the aforementioned air circuit.


It’s a technology we’ve already discussed, and while it sounds silly, it can take us a few degrees. It requires basic knowledge and above all a lot of time and tests, because stability will be under control and The performance/voltage/temperature curve will be adjusted.

We simply have to keep in mind that both NVIDIA and AMD typically add a slight voltage boost to their stock frequencies, which manufacturers also do on their custom models.

Nvidia Undervolt

Therefore, setting the voltage to the minimum necessary for the graphics card to function as usual without loss of performance can include from 1 ° C to 5 ° in the most extreme cases.

with the lower It’s all about trial and error in different scenarios and loads, there are no shortcuts, a GPU is not like the other, you just have to try over and over until we find it Minimum effort for 100% stability..

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And so far, all tips for keeping graphics fresh in the summer, a good cleaning of your PC and GPU will also be vital to help with all that said.

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