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Presented a TeamKill Media Futuristic Game Expo event to showcase its horror game.

If you have already happened many times Eternal torment And I got tired of waiting again Dead space, It might catch your attention Quantitative error. The Horror FPS game developed by TeamKill Media They are taking shape, and those responsible for this show us in a new video with Almost 20 minutes of gameplay Which brings us to what he wants to prove himself as one of the following references in this type Survival horror.

The time has come when we have seen more gameplay in this long-awaited horror gameYou can watch the video on these lines and get an idea that darkness will reign in Quantum Horror, which is based on its premise I was clearly influenced by games like Doom 3, Which is something their managers have recognized. After the little annoyances that give only small hints of how the game will be, these 18-minute footage shows us part of the adventure taking place on Jupiter, which corresponds to a point in the middle of the game.

As you can see, the game is counting Action and some other intimidation, With enemies who take advantage of the absence of light to attack the Hero. Of course, they point out that it is a work in progress and that there are aspects that may differ and improve, so what was seen does not have to correspond to the final version. Also, the trailer Only show gameplay sequences without the story elements, So you won’t see any spoilers.

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Horror of the new generation

The sequence belongs to the event Show future games That happened last weekend, during which new details were known about several indie games that will arrive soon Keyboards and computers. Among them was this quantitative error, which Show a short teaser in early March And now he gives his followers more material to be able to get a more realistic and accurate idea of ​​what this horror game will be like.

Of course, it seems imperative to keep being patient about Date of issuance of the quantitative errorBecause they didn’t give news of it. We know it will start at PS4, PS5 y Xbox Series X | S.. Its makers assure that they have every intention of reaching it 4K, 60fps and ray-tracing technology.

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