Her boyfriend disappeared, she campaigned to find him and found out that he is married and has children

Rachel Watersa young American woman living in Shenzhen, Chinabelieved to have been found in the British Paul McGee love of his life. When the man left for England to visit his family and never came back, I was “sad” and started researching online. What he found was brutal: in his native England, McGee He had a wife and children.

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Rachel Waters Job Looking For A Boyfriend

according to the sunthe young woman had posted the following message in a Facebook group in Norwich looking for some information about her boyfriend, along with a picture of them: “I have an unusual question. My friend and I live in Shenzhen, China, came home (Norwich) in early April to visit and was He’s supposed to be back in China now. I haven’t heard from him lately and I’m afraid something might happen. If anyone knows anything, please contact me.”

Rachel Waters and Paul McGee. (Photo: Courtesy of The Sun).

Friend, cheater

A friend of McGee’s wife came across the post and revealed that the man is married and has children.

The man commented in the post that the situation “wasn’t funny”: “It’s He has a wife and kids and I really feel sorry for her Immediately! And she looks like another bride in China.”

The news hit Rachel like a bucket of cold water and it took her a while to realize that what she was reading was real.

Rachel Waters still lives in Shenzhen.  (Photo: Courtesy of The Sun).
Rachel Waters still lives in Shenzhen. (Photo: Courtesy of The Sun).

The American young man decided to delete the post and not speak to the press, while the woman’s friend explained that “Paul and his partner have not met for two years.”

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“He recently got back together and got back together. They broke up and have kids. They thought, ‘Let’s give it another chance,'” he said.

Rachel Waters is still searching for true love.  (Photo: Courtesy of The Sun).
Rachel Waters is still searching for true love. (Photo: Courtesy of The Sun).

Paul’s friends said the man went to work in China when he caught the Covid pandemic. It was then that he met Rachel and began a relationship with her. But McGee has never been candid with her.

In the networks, many left messages of support for Watters and considered him “deserves the best”.

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