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Given the challenges that lie ahead regarding the demand for professionals working in the field Science, technology and innovationit is necessary to arouse interest in future generations, which is why many actions are being carried out from the educational field.

done The first government forum for upper secondary education, science, technology and innovation In Aguascalientes, headed by the State Council of Sciences and the Academy, where University students participate from the Aguascalientes Technological Institute.

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It was chaired by Nora Ruvalcaba, Undersecretary of Higher Secondary Education, who said that an important part of implementing action agendas and forums on scientific and technological issues is to develop good public policies for the benefit of university students, since they are the ones who are the most important. who, once their studies begin to form links and affinity with the business sector, It seeks to prepare young people from a scientific, mathematical and technological perspective.

“The academic community comes to decide the line of the people of Aguascalientes, the line of the people of Mexico so that public policies in educational matters and especially science, technology and innovation are exactly human beings of the educational community and not a desktop, because who they are should be those who know the policies, changes and transformation that must be increased in the education system National, if not those who are present daily in the classroom, on university campuses, in the community linked to the business sector, with other sectors of society where all we want is development but above all the well-being of the population “, said the federal official.

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I congratulate the organization because it is divided into working tables and on each table there will be a topic, and they will have to discuss, propose, agitate, debate and finally finalize the best scenario of a public policy, taking advantage of this state dictated by the AguascalientesNora Rovalcaba, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Secondary Education

It is important to mention that At the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, professions related to science, technology and innovation are those that represent the most dropouts.

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