Heavy penalties for six gendarmes who took bribes from companies that organized shopping tours

Six gendarmes were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 8 to 12 years By the 1st Federal Court of Oral Court in Salta, which I found Guilty of being part of an organization that collects bribes from companies that have transported merchants to do shopping toursAs reported today by judicial sources.

Salta Public Prosecution office spokesmen indicated this The main indictment fell on Ricardo Antonio Gil, the 45th National Gendarmerie officer. Who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the crime of “unlawful association, as president and organizer, in real competition with concussion.”

In addition to the prison sentence, the judge ordered that Generation A. Permanent denial of the exercise of their functions in force And to pay a fine of 777082 pesos, as requested by Attorney General Carlos Amade in his arguments. Meanwhile, Judges Marcelo Juarez Almraz, Federico Diaz and Marta Liliana Snopec have sentenced gendarmes Federico Andres Baez to 10 years in prison, also for “unlawful association but as a member, in real competition with concussion”. Maria Cristina Logan and Guillermo Damien Teleria, while Sofia Yanina Suarez received 8 years for the same crimes.

On the other hand, also at the request of the prosecution, judges sentenced Subalferez Roque Gonzalo Luján to eight months in prison with a disqualification of two years to work as a public official, after he was deemed to have committed the crime of human rights violation. Confidentiality in the degree of attempt. Like Jill, and with the exception of Suarez, the other convicted gendarmes have been permanently excluded from public office and must face the same amount of fine. The seventh member of that force, known as Roberto Juan Bautista, was acquitted in favor of suspicion.

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The attorney general noted that members of this organization used to intercept vehicles or various shopping tour groups, and depending on the load they were carrying, they set the amount in cash or other gift.

In another part of the judgment, The judges decided to sentence Giselle Paula Gill, sister of the main convict, to two years’ imprisonment for the crime of disappearance, as the author of the communication.. The same pain fell on Leonardo Torres, Logan’s partner; Emmanuel Fernando Cruz, corporal in the county prison service; And Adela Felita, mother of the two Gill brothers. Emad indicated that both Giselle Gill and his mother were aware of the maneuvers carried out by the convicted officer, and explained that Felita had even managed and coordinated the money that her son had sent her.

With regard to Cruz and Torres, who are a couple from Suarez and Logan respectively, the prosecution held that they were not only aware of the illegal actions, but also encouraged the continuation of criminal activity by the organization. Finally and In addition to imposing a code of conduct on defendants who were sentenced to conditional death sentences, the court ordered confiscation at the request of the prosecution. Ten cell phones, a computer, a bike, two portable air conditioners, a dryer, two game consoles, a microwave oven, a 55-inch LED TV, a 21.5-inch LED screen, a printer, a refrigerator, a 250 cc motorcycle and a Renault Megane. An additional sum of 388,541 pesos was added, as funds, like the aforementioned assets, were confiscated in the raids carried out throughout the investigation period of the case, carried out by the Prosecutor General Eduardo Villalba, from the financial unit in Salta.

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The case started on January 27, 2017 by Federal Prosecutor 2 and was tried on July 15 of last yearThree months after the outbreak of the pandemic, which caused various setbacks, these were corrected through the application of health protocols.


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