‘Heartstopper’ stands in front of an anti-LGTBIQ+ group at UK Pride

During the 2nd of July, LGTBIQ + Pride demonstration was celebrated by several cities, including London, which was attended by Several actors from the “Heartstopper” team. Joe Locke, Jenny Walser, Kate Connor, Sebastian Croft, Toby Donovan, Corinna Brown and Casey Edgell take to the streets of the English city and encounter A group of anti-LGTBIQ+ seniors who sent hate messages against the collective.

As can be seen in a video posted by journalist Scott Beasley on Twitter, a group of elderly people were behind a fence when a boy walking next to the actors ran towards one of the gentlemen. For trying to remove an anti-gay banner that was vibrating. An elderly man called the police as they tried to separate the two.

team work

The Heartstopper team at the London Pride rally

Despite not being able to destroy the banner, The actors of the Netflix series teamed up with the boy and stood up to the elderly To the beat of “I Want To Dance With Someone (Love Me)” by Whitney Houston. The actors started dancing and singing in front of a group of adults in protest during this They were waving the group flag between kisses and cut sleeves.

Kate Connor on Twitter

The event, which took place during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first Pride protest, has been highly commented on on social networks and Featured in many media. Considering that some of these people attribute to him the pioneering role, Kate Connor also decided to speak out: “I was recording and screaming with them, but without fail, it wasn’t Kate Connor and the rest of the cast, Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft were front and center. please give them The credit they deserve for doing something this powerful.”judged the translator on Twitter.

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