Health in Canada: an intensive care system? (part two)

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Canada has System Known as Medicare, it is primarily tax-funded and administered by the federal and provincial governments. It offers free and accessible health care to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

But is this really accessible?

Three semesters ago, I began to touch upon a rather controversial topic I decided to share what my mother was like about the Canadian health system; The experience that led me to live in my own body, one of the most frustrating and challenging parts Since I came to Montreal.

We are all very different worlds and stories and as they say “He who lives is he who feels”. Others may have better luck royaland I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and make you happy, but for me and for many it was not easy.

Of course, this is not just about my situation, my family and my personal experience here in Quebec, It is about raising our voices for the thousands of people who have spent years waiting for a Family doctorconduct, or by those who have Lost Their loved ones are in the emergency room, because of the lack of medical care that never came.

And that is this system, which has been a national pride for decades and a standard for the rest of the world, today In crisis and needs a bailout. I don’t say it, the news says it and the same Government She admits that it was not at the level that Canadians expected.

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That is why today we will talk about the good and the bad in this system.

Goodness: its pillars

It’s global: Covers all Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and some Temporary workers, who can access the social health system of the area in which they live, without having to worry about the cost and regardless of their income level.

Free of charge: Every month, a lot of taxes are deducted from the salary in order to get good, high-quality healthcare.

No privileges: Which means that having health insurance from your home country or Canadian (private) will not give you any privileges over someone who does not have it.


Queues: According to a report from CBC (2022), Currently, more than 1 million Canadians in Ontario are on the waiting list for surgeries and medical proceduresAnd Even before the pandemic. On the other side, 6 million Canadians do not have a family doctor, and a third of those residents have been searching for more than a yearaccording investigation.

Another report published Fraser Institute in 2022 I found it The waiting time for Medicare in Canada was 27.4 weeks in 2022, the longest time ever recorded, and 195 percent more than the 9.3 weeks Canadians waited in 1993.. Not counting the times to receive medical attention Not urgent.

This situation has already claimed victims, even in the waiting rooms; Like the last and unfortunate issue From this 37-year-old woman, at a hospital in Nova Scotia, who waited there for more than 7 hours to be treated

Shortage of doctors and nurses: according to Canadian Medical Association (CMA), shortage of doctors and nurses is a major problem. In addition, there are no hospital beds Increased waiting times for surgeries.

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in some regions of Canada, There may be only one family doctor for an entire city. A doctor in Whitley, Ontario, according to L the reportresponsible for 1400 patientsAnd All of them will be disabled when he retires later this year and a replacement isn’t in line yet.

population aging: it is expected that The number of Canadians aged 65 and over will increase by 68% by 2040, which means the health system needs to prepare. To meet the healthcare needs of this population?it will be?

Within this population there are also doctors, who are about to retire, which automatically makes these families go to the famous waiting lists.

Immigrant doctors: Bureaucracy and the work of Canadian health institutions It complicates the entry of medical personnel into the Canadian public health system, particularly those who graduated abroadaccording to Stady named: The Canadian myth: the exclusion of foreign-trained doctors.

In short, the Canadian healthcare system contains positive aspects such as: its pillars. to For many Canadians, the system works and is proud, and some are already beginning to perceive it with alarm. It’s a fact and we can’t cover the sun with a finger: In recent years, this system has faced an unprecedented crisisAnd This is something that no one knows for sure, despite the efforts of the government How will he get out of intensive care?

With love, Eddie.

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