Health and Well-being in Generation Z + Y with Generation and Talent Observatory

Conclusions about the study »Health and Well-being of Generations » In Generation Y + Z I identified the main topic of our HR forum program in Radio DC from the hand Frances Garcia Herfounder and CEO of HR Forum next to Generation and Talent Observatory.

in the first place, Elena Cascantemanaging partner of the Generation and Talent Observatory, spoke to us about the findings of the study in Generations Z and Millennials. “The first aspect we considered was to have a comprehensive view of what it’s like to have physical health, mental health, social health, occupational health, and understand the impact of the occupational moment and its environment at work. In this case, the main vital challenge for young people relates to time as a key that precisely facilitates all their expectations ». On the other hand, you have to put “The focus is that if they continue to perpetuate bad habits, chronic diseases can emerge in the future. also, “In terms of their mental health, compared to other generations, we have seen that their health is weaker, perhaps because frustration is not managed so that everything appears quickly.” Elena explained.

next one, Javier DollsAnd the MThe Madrid Community Doctor, author of The Best Medicine for You Is You, also spoke about physical and emotional health in young people. “The union between the material world and the mental world is total. Anyone who is physically perfect if they are not mentally healthy will end up physically bad and vice versa. Everything has to be taken care of and it ends with repercussions.”. “Young people have a lot of knowledge about all the new technologies but on a mental level they have two big obstacles against them. On the one hand, the low tolerance for frustration, and on the other hand, that they manage uncertainty very poorly, and then it has repercussions and companies must help them, above all, by being aware of them.”

Likewise, regarding how these generations deal with their physical and emotional health from organizations, Javier Zubicoa Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Labor Relations at Generali mentioned that “A generational perspective is necessary to be able to adapt software in companies to the needs of each generation, which usually have peculiarities that need to be enhanced in a larger way.”

coincidence Laguila Responsible for the internal development area of ​​Correos, On the other hand, he stated that it is necessary Combine everything into a program that can cover every generation. “Each generation has its own culture, ways, style, and way of being. In the post office we are used to diversity, where different generations live together and there are those who adapt better or worse, and it also depends a lot on who is in charge of the teams and how they are produced.

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Once the conclusions were heard by HR and health professionals, during the broadcast it was possible to rely on the opinions of Generation Z and Y.

Roberto Gonzalez Palomo, Chief Occupational Hazard Prevention Technician at Generali (Generation Y) stated: «Our generation considers that we are still young and that is why we have a very positive perception of our physical health. Although we take this physical health for granted, it is true that the pandemic has been a turning point in the face of the need to continue taking care of ourselves. We live in a challenging global context and all of this, along with goals, frustrations, and job requirements, makes us very vulnerable. WhileAnd the Gil Z, Pedro Angel Fernandez, Accounting Technician at Generali added that his generation «Takes mental health into account And taking care of her is not seen as bad. On the other hand, regarding rrss, it is clear. “In my case, there is such a heavy reliance on social networks that a person’s self-esteem depends on what they see about you through social networks.”

Therefore, regarding this first section of the program dedicated to the study of health in Generations Z + Y, Angels Alcazar, Managing Partner of the Generation and Talent Observatory, concluded that “The focus should be on the psychological and social aspect as each generation must be helped as it corresponds to each generation.”

Finally, after the break and the study of generations, the program ended in a very special way with a tribute to a career and retirement coincidence Laguila Responsible for the internal development area of ​​Correos. To which many friends, co-workers and relatives devoted a few words to him. “Concha was my guide at the post office, she’s a great professional.” “I wish you all the best and hope you fully enjoy your time.” “Thank you for your generosity on a personal and professional level.” “We’ve been together for a lifetime, what I have to say is that he is an excellent person and he goes through all aspects of life.”

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