He went to withdraw $20 from an ATM and found 1000 million: No one wanted it from the bank

A woman living in Florida, USA, was shocked After he withdrew $20 from an ATM, he noticed that his account balance was $999,985,855.94.

Julia Junkowski, a native of West Tampa, Florida, noticed the fatal error after validating her account Nearly a billion dollars have been deposited.

The most curious thing about what could be one of the greatest strokes of luck is thatHe struggles to get the money back to its owner but no one can answer him.

The story, which took place in 2021, has spread again in recent weeks. According to experts, Grandma Julia was already included in the list of millionaires in her country. After her “new fortune” was revealed, she was ranked the 615th richest person in the United States.

The ticket with proof of your Chase Bank account balance. from Florida.

“Oh my God, I was terrified. I know most people think he won the lottery, but I was horrified.”the woman admitted to WFLA.

And out of the thought of spending a lot of money, she honestly revealed that it is Desperate to give up the new millionaire title ASAP.

Junkowski now recounted what happened when he tried to approach the Chase Bank branch closest to his home in Largo, Tampa.

There hasn’t been able to get any response yet, so far Ensures no insistence that no one from the entity returns calls.

She acknowledges the difficulties some banking authorities had in helping her over the weekend, but that didn’t happen after that, although for everyone the situation calls for it.

I just can’t go on. I’m stuck with their automated response system and can’t get someone to talk to,” she somewhat incredibly admitted.

“When I put in the $20, the ATM gave it back. I didn’t understand what had happened, I thought there was an overdraft problem and said, ‘Oh, forget it, he’s back from the living room sofa.'”

He emphasized without a doubt: “I’ve read many stories about people who took money and then had to return it. I wouldn’t do it anyway because it’s not my money.”

The older woman, whose age was not disclosed, expressed one concern: “It scares me a little bit about cyber threats. I don’t know what to think”pointed out.

Chase has not yet issued any statement from the entity about the situation. Meanwhile, Yunkovsky can’t wait for the money to be removed from her account as soon as possible and back to how it was.

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