He went to the hospital due to a toothache and died

He added, “Those in the ambulance were just glaring to get out. He was conscious at all times but was unable to move or get off.”

He added, in press statements, that the 23-year-old went to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon to receive an injection to relieve severe pain in one of his teeth, but after that the situation became complicated and his brother ended up paralyzed.

dramatic denouement

“In the guard, he was on watch, and my mother was with him until five. But then at six they told us he had struck, and they told us nothing else. We knocked again and again to tell us something but we had no answer. Then only a doctor told us – We did everything possible but he did not overcome cardiac arrest – they did not explain to us his paralysis or anything that could happen to him,” he moaned in the midst of his understandable anguish.

The victim has been identified as Diego Soto.

Justice is already involved and the body is handed over to them two days later: “We lodged the complaint, asked for an autopsy, which the doctor initially did not want to do, and told us that the hospital would not take responsibility on Wednesday they took it away and only today the body and documents arrived in Roca.

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