He went to take a nap and when he woke up he was blind: ‘The parasites ate my eyes’

“Let’s spread the word to save others from this horrible infection”And A question from a man on social media after sharing his harsh experience due to the misuse of contact lenses. It’s Mike Krumholz, the 21-year-old American who woke up from a 40-minute nap knowing nothing about A serious infection hit his eye.

As he explained, he fell asleep without removing his contact lenses. As soon as he woke up, he removed them, only he was In hindsight: his eye was red from what he thought was conjunctivitis.

“They found the herpes virus in my eyes (or so they thought). They treated me for a whole month for the virus. I’m tired of hearing ‘this is just a very stubborn virus, but it will go away,’” he wrote on the TikTok platform.

Despite medication and medical monitoring, his eye did not improve. On the contrary, the pain increased. After further analysis, they were able to give him an accurate diagnosis: “I got a call saying I had keratitis Acanthamoeba“.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, It is a “rare but serious eye infection that can cause permanent visual impairment or blindness”, which is produced by the named amoeba Acanthamoeba.

It is common among people who wear contact lenses and do not follow good hygiene practices. For example, improper storage, handling or disinfection of lenses increases the risk of infection, as explained by the aforementioned health authority.

It is not recommended to sleep with these glasses because they “increase the risk of keratitis, an infection of the transparent layer that protects the colored part of the eye,” explains the specialized portal. Sleep Foundation.

Even if you make it a habit, more serious problems will follow because you are preventing your cornea from receiving needed oxygen. Dry eyes, red eyes, blurred vision, keratitis, conjunctivitis, infections and ulcers can be caused if you forget to remove them.also reviews the site direct vision.

Mike Krumholz agreed that he used to fall asleep in his contact lenses. “I’m trying to understand that there are problems with it. It’s not good now.” he told the newspaper Daily Star.

“The pupil is covered. I don’t have one now. This is due to the fact that the cornea is very cloudy and a large part of it has been eaten by the amoeba (the parasite). Since December 2022, he has had to remain locked in his home, with very little light. Also, she had to drop out of college and quit her part-time babysitting job.

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He clarified more details to give his followers peace of mind

however, He is optimistic: They will perform a corneal transplant, with which he hopes to restore part of his vision and reduce pain.

When she recovers, she takes to social media to tell her story and sends a message: “There are a lot of people wearing contacts who said ‘Hey, I just fell asleep in my contacts, should I go to the doctor?'” (…) Let us continue to spread the word to save others from this horrific infection.”

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