He went to eat in a restaurant, found an unexpected surcharge on the ticket and exploded in a rage | Chronicle

A woman got angry after eating in a restaurant With his partner, because he confirms that it was “Stole” at an extraordinary extra cost: As told, he was charged with 20 Pekingese (about $30) for not speaking Welsh.

Customer, which is identified as Sheena B. at TripAdvisorHe visited a branch of the Greggs series located in Bangor (Wales), and after the episode Domestic hit the podium: Gave it a one star rating.

According to your review, The charge was to eat there but he mentioned that other people who speak Welsh were not charged any extra to eat in the facility.

We visited Greggs on Main Street in Bangor, North Wales…My partner and I ordered a sausage roll, a vanilla slice and tea to eat/drink inside. However, to our surprise, The young man who answered told us that there would be a sum of 20 pence to sit inside,” story.

“We have visited many Greggs stores in England and Scotland, but We were never assigned to sit down. Is this something that is only done in North Wales? If so, why?”he completed.

seal: “We realized that everyone else Customers who sat around us spoke Welsh and none were paid 20p to be seated.

As reported by DailyStar, in addition to posting on Tripadvisor, he added: I sent a private letter to Gregs regarding this matter and would like an explanation for it.”

The story went viral and the restaurant issued a statement: From locals point out that all of their stores across the UK charge different prices for people who want to eat there.

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The foods you take are free of VAT, in the same way that the food you buy in the supermarket isn’t taxed, but If you are eating on the premises, it is classified as eating out and the government applies VAT to the bill.

A network spokesperson said: We are legally required to include VAT on all foods consumed in our seating area.”

However, this is not a unique cost. It’s per article, not per visit“, explained.

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