He went for a walk, took a picture and created something he had never imagined: “It wasn’t planned.”

Andres Ardella Larrota A Colombian – specifically from Santander – is 35 years old and has started eating Pictures To landscapes for fun. And she is only one Photography That prompted him to earn over a thousand US dollars and be recognized for half of Europe… all by chance.

For more than four years, Andres has changed the warmth of his hometown, Barrancabermejabecause of the cold winter Kiruna, city Sweden. to this environmental engineer He did not have much passion for cameras, and the pictures he took with his cell phone were. “A few years ago a friend of Colombia I took pictures of the northern lights and there I decided to buy a camera and start capturing city landscapes,” he noted.

With a photo taken during an old man, Andres Ardila Larrota won a fortuneAndres Ardella Larrota

Specifically, on a cold day in October 2020, Andres decided to go for a walk in the mountains and take a camera. The plan was to capture the snow-capped mountains, but a 180-degree rotation and several shots later led to a photo being taken Nostalgia will awaken dozens of citizens in Kiruna.

“I moved the camera and took a few shots and on the other side was the city and I superimposed the picture with the church and the houses located in the center. But it was something unplanned.”Andres commented. This photo is where you can see the church and many colorful houses in the center of Kiruna bathing in the snows of the first winter of the yearmade the name of the Colombian sound among the inhabitants of this city.

45 million Colombian pesos was worth this photo
45 million Colombian pesos was worth this photoAndres Ardella Larrota

This city is undergoing a transformation: it will be moved three kilometers from its present location due to problems in the land as it is sinking little by little. “That piece you took will disappear, For example, the church will be moved to the new center. The picture shows what Kiruna is, a winter town and colorful houses, people are nostalgic for what Kiruna will suffer.”Ardila describes.

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In the same month of October, Andres posted the photo on his Instagram where he usually puts the photos he likes the most and it had a certain extent… But the biggest boom was in February 2021 when he won the Kiruna Photography Festival with this photo. .

They began to share the publication locally in Sweden, and then spread to Europe and even Asia, even published by architecture magazines. “But when one person in the Kiruna group shared it on Facebook, it went viral.”, He says. In this group, dozens of people began to learn the identity of the author because they were interested in remembering the city.

Andrés continues to take pictures of the natural phenomena that occur in Kiruna, such as the northern lights
Andrés continues to take pictures of the natural phenomena that occur in Kiruna, such as the northern lightsInstagram: @nording.photo

There I showed up and said I was the photographer and then I called a page that sells these pictures in frames, puzzles, and various things, called Printler. that they They give me 20 percent of what’s sold.” Santander says.

Another platform in America was interested in selling this image and it sold so well that eNearly three months ago he earned over 45 million Colombian pesos in commissions to sell this photo. Andrés continues to take pictures of the natural phenomena that occur in Kiruna, such as the northern lights.

also He is involved in capturing the endemic animals of Kiruna and every day falls in love with photography.

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