He was the Olympics top scorer and doesn’t know where to keep the medal he won with the volleyball team: “My old lady takes care of that”

Bruno Lima pays his powerful shot against Italy. Photo: FeVA

We have to forget what happened in Tokyo to continue moving forward. Today we have a young team that is enjoying a great deal of change. People might expect what happened at the Olympics to happen againBut it is difficult for us to keep pace with the level of world powers. We have to go little by little and set the next goals to see where we stand.” Phrase that Bruno Lima Slide in front of microphones Infobae It fits perfectly with the Argentine team’s present. team led by Marcelo Mendes He started participating in The League of Nations On the scale of winning against Germany (3-1) and three losses for Poland (3-0), Serbian (3-2) and Italia (3-1).

After the first week of competition in Ottawacombined eggs stayed in Seventh place in the international ranking The need to add victories has a fundamental relationship to what will happen in the capital France in 2024. “VNL is one of the biggest challenges. For us it is very important because The Olympic qualification system has changed and we need these points to position ourselves well in the world rankings and to be able to secure a place in Paris. It’s complicated, but we believe we can achieve great things,” the San Juan man explained.

After the first week in CanadaThe Albiceleste will move to philippines To continue his journey abroad before arriving in Japan. In this sense, the number cute – good Analyze the difficulties of the new competition format. “We had 4 games in a row in Canada and now there’s a week off to travel and acclimatize to the new schedules. There were 4 meetings that caused a lot of damage, because there are also flights, changes in schedules and weather. I am very tired, both physically and mentally‘, he confirmed.

The Argentine striker during the Nations League championship in Canada.  Photo: FeVA
The Argentine striker during the Nations League championship in Canada. Photo: FeVA

before heading to North Amarica s AsiaAnd the Bruno Lima He was one of the heroes who won the fans’ love when the national team won the two pledges against Holland in the stadium Hector Echart de Ferro. for the Olympic MedalIt was incredibleWhat happened, because ‘a long time’ has passed since the achievement in which it has been achieved Tokyo. “We live the moments of the past year as if they were yesterday. We were very touched by this recognition,” Koyo retracted. And I add: “A year has passed, but the memory is still very present. I get a lump in my throat when I look back at the Olympics. I think we are still not falling short of what we have achieved. It is a great honor.”

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Next to Bronze souvenir which he took from the capital of the country of the rising sun, for the man from San Juan, his participation in the Olympic event was especially because he cemented himself as being Top scorer with 138 points. “Personally It was something that helped me in my athletic career. You play without thinking about these things, and then you talk. It was a pampering of the soulBecause one always gives the best by judging the team. Fortunately we were able to finish that course with the medal,” he said.

Unlike his partner Luciano de Sico, who decided to take the medal in all the places he travels to always take it with him, the Argentine striker admitted that he prefers to delegate the responsibility for the care of his most precious treasure to his mother. “My mom takes care of these things. I can’t take them everywhere because I travel a lot, very long distances, and I’m afraid to lose her. I guarantee you it is well kept. so much that I don’t even know where he is. I leave it to my mother.”

Bruno Lima breaks Brazil's blockade in the decisive duel that allowed Argentina to celebrate a bronze medal in Tokyo.  Photo: Reuters/Valentin Ogirenko
Bruno Lima breaks Brazil’s blockade in the decisive duel that allowed Argentina to celebrate a bronze medal in Tokyo. Photo: Reuters/Valentin Ogirenko

With nearly two meters (1.98), violent shots and an impressive hierarchy, the man from San Juan is one of the most prominent characters in the cast. eggs. Although 26 years, became a campus leader. Therefore, in a group in the midst of a generational change, their words can be a key tool for new members. “The idea is to have fun. I had to join the team when I was very young. At 19, I was called up for the first time to focus with the first national team and it was hard for me, because I was very nervous. These are things that happen, but now we know how and what to play. For this We want the younger ones to be able to adapt soon so they can have the best level“.

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There is no doubt that the former player of The Works of San Juan, Bolivar and the Giants of the South It is the authority of the group. After what happened last year I feel like a reference. All the boys who were in Tokyo are supporters of the national team. People like us and it makes us grow as people. There are many young boys joining you and you can see their desire to keep growing. Now we will try to do everything we can to improve what we have achieved.”

For this, the cast Marcelo Mendes You must get better philippines To accumulate points and not mortgage access to the next Olympic Games. In Argentina there is materiality, illusion and obligation. with an antecedent close to Bronze Medalthe goal will be set to continue building the path full of glory Tokyo. “We can fight any team. The delegation will be almost the same that will travel to play Globalism. We have already obtained significant results and hope to achieve them againThe recorder concluded. Once again, the new hope of conquest was dyed blue and white.

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