He was home and a misplaced request came from his boss: ‘Too bad’

A worker from Canada recounted the decision she made next Receive an inappropriate request from your bosswhile she was outside business hours. His story made me feel Identified thousands of userswho also added their testimonials.

The author of this story, VanessaHe has a TikTok account where he discusses personal finances and business. On this occasion, he chose Post different content Daily

In the clip in question, dating back to the end of February, the young woman makes it clear one day Received a text message from his boss. “I’m in my house, I’m tired of workingAnd for some reason He felt the need to text mesaid @wealthxlab at the time, as Vanessa was called out on the social network.

Situation. Received an SMS from his boss. Image: capture // @richxlab.

President asked

According to Vanessa’s explanation, her boss wrote to her with the intention of requiring him to perform the duties of his position. The Canadian citizen said in this regard, “I was asked to carry out my work tasks.”

The young woman is angry and with reason I decided to block the guy’s phone number. “I did it with a purpose Can’t contact me anymore while I was resting.”

On the other hand, Vanessa made it clear He has two phones to his account.: one he uses only to keep in touch with his loved ones and another for work.

Factor. He was determined to stop the boss. Image: capture // @richxlab.

I pay $45 a month for a phone Just for work issues. master custom You shouldn’t text me to my personal smartphone, But he still sends me text messages every now and then. That’s why I decided to ban him.”

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Wealthxlab’s video has been added with its respective story More than 1 million copies. Thousands of traders attended to speak about the publication. “How bad it wasOne netizen commented.

“I don’t blame you for what you did, on the contrary. He is not your friend and at that time you were not on dutyanother said.

to praise. The young woman received congratulations on her decision. Image: capture // @richxlab.

In your case, I would tell HR because There’s no reason for me to have your personal phone number“, limited to a third. Vanessa immediately replied:” It’s a small business. There is no human resources department. “.

On the other hand, there were users who revealed similar situations. “I talked to my boss about it because he was texting me after hours It was making me anxioussaid a woman.

I congratulate you for what you did. One day, I was home sick and my boss told me to go to work anyway. I told him to call my patient directly to ask him to leave my body,” said another person.

in the county Ontario there The law that protects wage workers You face these situations. Regulations give employees the right to Ignore work emails, messages, and calls When this is done outside business hours.

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