He was at university in Florida and recorded a typical American moment: “I feel like I’m in a movie”

“I feel like I’m in a movie.” This is how an Argentinean university student moved to Miami, Florida, When he witnessed an event it sounded like something out of a musical comedy. In the middle of his ad class, a group of brothers walked into the class and started singing to one of their classmates. Did not miss the opportunity and Record everything.

Well, since the girl introduces herself on TikTok, she posted the video on her account, @valen_scheerle. In the clip, it showed the exact moment when at least seven members of the Phi Mu Alpha Symphony fraternity, from the University of Miami, They entered the classroom and asked Justin to sing him an a cappella Jason Mraz’s hit song “I’m Yours”.

The graphic design student was very close to the artists and showed off the reactions of her classmates as they cheered. It even showed the front of the class, where The teacher didn’t seem to care To stop his separation from this performance. In the end, the students praised the talent of the group. “I’m literally living in a movie”, the young Argentinean expressed in the description.

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The Argentine student recorded the complete concert the fraternity gave to one of her classmates

Since the clip went viral this adds up to date More than 2.8 million copies On TikTok and thousands of reactions from the virtual community, the content maker published a Follow-up clip to explain the scene in detail. According to him, he feels like he is in a movie in real life since he arrived in Miami to continue his studies. He also said that this confraternity was responsible for bringing the songs that a student had requested for them. In this case, someone wanted to surprise Justin for Valentine’s Day.

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The young woman was delighted with the “movie” scene that she experienced at the University of Miami

Although the moment was romantic, the truth is, in fact They didn’t find out who Justin was. “Everyone was wondering. I talked to the fraternity, I asked them what Justin was and they told me, ‘We didn’t know,'” TickTokker recounted in the clip.

In the comments, users could not avoid comparisons with Hollywood productions: Are you telling me that movies don’t lie? “I love who sings”; “Is it like the movies?” ; “It’s my dream, literally,” were some of the reactions of the virtual community.

the Fraternities are student organizations Which has existed in many universities in the United States throughout history, where its members You share common interests, ideals and goals. They are often described as “female students” and often have their own homes or buildings on campus, They organize events and parties during the school year.

To join a fraternity, those interested must comply with the selection process, which may include interviews and activities set up by the organization itself. the Ball State University, in Indiana, he says the benefits of belonging to a sorority include social events, service projects, and employment. Fraternities and sororities We strive to enhance your college experience, By challenging it, you will achieve academic excellence, develop your leadership potential, and give back to the local community.”


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