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in United StateIn fact, many high school seniors are already considering pursuing a college career. One of the most recent cases is the case of an Alabama teenager who was accepted into 15 universities in his country, as well as received $2 million in scholarships. Meet your amazing Date.

Teenager Rotimi Kokoi is a native of Hoover, a city located in Jefferson and Shelby counties in the US state of Alabama. according to In 2020, its population was 92,606.

In 2018, when he was just a freshman at Hoover High School (Herbert Hoover High School), Kukoyi decided to apply to “! ‘, a knowledge quiz with questions on topics related to history, languages, literature and sports, among others.

The program inspired him to apply to various universities in the United States, because he met outstanding students, as shown

Many of them are older and they are like seniors or juniors who have applied to many prestigious schools, and many of them are studying in prestigious universities now. So that was my original inspiration for applying to those universities.” Tell the said broker.

A few days ago, Rotimi, who was in her last year of high school, graduated from Hoover High School and gave an emotional speech to her other classmates.

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In addition, he became the first black National Merit Scholar, which offered him scholarship opportunities.

Specifically, the teenager was accepted into 15 prestigious universities, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Other universities were the University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Emory, Rice, Johns Hopkins, Duke, University of Alabama, Case Western Reserve, UAB, Auburn University, and Washington University in St. Louis.

The scholarship value offered by this role exceeded $2 million.

Will study a career in public health

Rotimi Kukui chose the University of North Carolina, located in Chapel Hill, after receiving a Moorhead-Kayne scholarship at her school, the oldest merit-based scholarship program in the country, according to .

In this house of studies, he will be pursuing a career in public health. the reason? He discovered his calling by helping the Alabama Department of Health vaccinate the population.

Now, Kukoyi hopes her story will inspire other students to apply to schools they might not have considered before.

“A lot of the kids I spoke to didn’t think they could apply to the big schools or get into the big schools or were worried about the costs,” he said. “But there are other resources available to students to help with that.”

What are the requirements for obtaining a scholarship in the United States?

according to You should take into consideration these pointers to get a scholarship in the United States:

Finishing secondary school in the country of origin, preferably without repeating any course or dividing one academic year into two parts. Academic scholarships are awarded to students with the best academic records. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the notes and have a good file.

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Take entrance exams for universities in the United States. You have to take the SAT, which is a written and mathematical comprehension test in English. You must also take the TOEFL test, which is a test of English for students who are not native speakers of English. It is important to organize yourself well because there are few dates for taking exams, especially the SAT, which includes only four calls per school year.

Complete and submit college applications.

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