He studies and breaks engineering in the United States and dreams of getting to Formula 1

Formula 1 brings together the best drivers in the world, there is no doubt about that. In most cases, boys who dream of motorsports have their main desire to reach the highest class single seaters, but in many cases they tend to base themselves solely on the ability to drive and leave aside the mechanics of cars. However, there are still those who love the mechanic, like Luciano Martinez, who has thrown himself to the ground since Formula 4 as if he were just another mechanic.

Luciano is only 20 years old and has already made his Formula 4 debut. Throughout his career he has already competed in different categories, such as Kart, a place he has been racing since he was 12 years old. Even in 2018 he got second place which allowed him to jump into the “Formula” cars. The ongoing progress was, at some point, halted by the pandemic and he was one step away from running out of sleep. However, an opportunity came that reopened the doors in Formula 4 Argentina, and now, he is seeking to continue his career to represent the country in F4 in the US. This search for a project that is not owned by him alone and aims to reach the highest level of competition. “With the team, we are interested in competing, later in a European regional formula,” Luciano told El Destape..

The business is not from now and this business has been going on for many years, right from it. “I’ve been working with the Formula 4 team since 2019. I started with enthusiasm because it was a matter of passion, I just wanted to see the class move forward, I loved it. I was in the assembly, I tried to help set up the cars and in all the F4 tests.” Indeed, this love of getting out of the car and accompanying the work of mechanics also opened doors for him and increased his skills as a driver. One of the reasons he was able to represent Argentina in the US F4 race in the first races was precisely because his work as a mechanic also appears in the deal. At this point a different efficiency added to the piles is that they are thrown on the ground and lubricated and that they are interested in running the vehicle. “It doesn’t help you with the car much, but it gives you a different understanding of things. It allows you to communicate better with the team. It’s not so much about racing, but it gives you an idea to communicate better, I do it because I like it but yeah, it might give you an extra edge because you have an idea.” about the tool.

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In the midst of all his searches, Luciano Martinez’s head and coach also happened to have his eye on the world of motorsport. In 2015, he put aside his passion for archery – or archery – and began to take an interest in cars. One day, at a small karting school, he rode one of those single seaters and never got off.

And the adrenaline rush of getting out for a car ride and, of course, getting as far as possible in his career goes hand in hand with his love of technology. “I was studying mechanical engineering until I started this project in the US, now that I have time, I haven’t signed up for the course for four months but intend to follow it,” says Luciano enthusiastically.

With a few days to study, but with the desire to continue, the fact is that he studied at a secondary school that allows him to enter directly into the mechanical engineering profession at Lomas de Zamora University. The truth, on the other hand, is that this desire is lung. From him and his family who bets on a possible career in motorsport and who, on the other hand, has – in these steps – a small financial return compared to the investment. A thousand dollars, at most, could be the prize money for winning a Formula 4 race in the United States. But, nevertheless, the next step is to overcome. “We’re taking a chance in terms of international competition, and that’s what we have the money for,” he says. Luciano, 20, is very clear that he is counting on one of the few possibilities left for him to make his dream come true. With such calmness taken up in conversation, he later transferred nerves of steel to cars. “Hopefully I can get the support I need before I have to keep selling stuff,” he concluded. Because that’s it, money doesn’t appear on its own. Sale, in many cases, to invest for a chance in sports.

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The preparations are long and thorough, after the first dates of the year where he managed to show his ability to pass several cars after the start, the fact is that he managed to get a simulator. “Once I got to Argentina, I knew I needed one. Now I do two or three hours a day,” the preparations and frictions he encountered in the first races led him to take the leap. Also with a high-performance intra-center setup for improved feedback and resistance.

The search for a dream, for many, only appears when the driver gets into the car, and they still have a long way to go. Pulling back, grabbing the key, and fantasizing about fixing the engine is also part of the hack. Luciano, in all of this, is already a step ahead.

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