He showed what a “dangerous” neighborhood looks like in the United States and the reactions were shriveled: “What world do you live in?”

Sandra is a famous Spanish tiktoker trainer who dedicates herself to creating content about her life in the United States. In addition, she constantly shares some curiosity of the sites she visits to show reality to the people who visit them I don’t have a chance To know the North American country.

In one of her last videos, she decided to “take a little risk”, as she herself said, and visited one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in her area.although not everyone found this idea correct, because they stoned it in the comments.

Before it appeared through his account @aquisandraxAnd the How “beautiful” neighborhood used to be in the US, so now he wanted to compare to one of the “poorest” neighborhoods, as described. He entered the most dangerous streets, without specifying his whereabouts, and taught in front of the cameras What did the trailers and houses with fences look like around them.

The reality of living in the United States is not the same for everyoneThere are also neighborhoods that are much worse than this, but this It’s the most dangerous part of my city. I hope you love seeing this fact as much as you love seeing the sweet part,” Sandra left in the description of her video.

This is a “dangerous” neighborhood in the United States, according to TikToker

He explained that unlike other areas in North American cities, The property had barriers on its borders to prevent other people from entering. In addition, there were many free-living animals and another significant difference was noted in terms of patriotism: Nobody had flags in their front yard, which is not very common. Finally, she mentioned that the people of the neighborhood were looking at her through the windows because it seemed strange to them that she recorded it. He decided it was better to leave quickly.

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His video went viral and received dozens of comments, especially from people who did it They criticized her for labeling this neighborhood as humble and dangerous at the same time. In addition, they emphasized that those properties in Latin America would be owned by people with high purchasing power, so the images he displayed would not be very credible either, at least from the perspective of many of his followers.

If this is a low grade, then I’m top grade“,” in latin america high standing and safe “,” it’s more beautiful than the residential neighborhood in which i live “,” “Just because it’s humble doesn’t mean it’s dangerous, in what world do you live in?”Some of the comments he received.

apparently, People didn’t like that he linked low-income citizens to danger, But the Spaniards criticized the one-sided disclaimer: “It is the most dangerous neighborhood, it is not the most modest, although it has the cheapest houses in the city because it is dangerous. I do not compare it at all with how dangerous other countries are, but, Why, even though your city is more dangerous, can’t I show my city?“.

This is what homes in the most dangerous and humble neighborhood in their area look like, according to TikToker@aquisandrax / tik tok

also, He made it clear that he would not enter other places where the crime situation is greaterbut that’s no doubt what he showed in his clip was real: “Yes, it’s dangerous, I’m obviously not going into the worst streets Where they buy stuff behind meBut it’s the worst area in my city. And Sandra concluded in the restless comments section that if I wanted to say the humble neighbourhood, I would say so, but it’s the most dangerous neighbourhood, not the most humble.

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